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Adding An Extraneous NT Service In Vista?

Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:34 am

Hopefully someone can help me as my Windows skills have declined over the years as my Cisco skills have increased.

The issue is my company requires us to have a small version of ISS BlackIce running as an NT service to connect via our VPN concentrators. Unfortunately, that application is not supported in Vista but I would like to move to it for testing of Cisco software and contact center development. I have many other ways of protecting my laptop that are much better than BlackIce so I'm not exposing the company to any issues.

After testing a little bit with my old XP build I can see the service just needs to be running for the VPN to connect. If the service isn't worky worky. If it is running you get connected.

Does anyone know how to add an extraneous service in Vista that soes nothing except run? Preferably a small application like TaskManager or something that won't be intrusive to me.

I found a bit online that allowed me to create the service but when I go to start it I get a failure notice that because no applications or services depend upon it it will stop. Any ideas?
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