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Streaming My MP3 Library

Thu Jan 18, 2007 1:36 am

Ok... quick question.

I have a linux server, and I'll be getting a 300 gig (maybe 500 gig) drive for it. I'm running Fedora 6 on it, with apache, mysql, php... the works.

I want to get all my music (CDs and all) onto the server, and then be able to stream it to another computer via a web interface. I've found some software that can do that - namely Jinzora, Media Hive, and Mp3act.

But, I want to also let my friends upload their music to the server. Being the good guy, I don't want them to upload everything to one main directory, that ALL the users have access to. I want one library per user, and each library visible only to that user.

Anybody know of any software that can do that for me? Needs to be web based, prefferably with a MySQL database.


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