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If You Want To Do The Crime

Thu Jan 25, 2007 12:06 am

but not the time, come to the UK.


Quote from the article..

"It comes as Norwich jail is reopening a wing declared "unfit" by inspectors because of cell shortages.

The Home Office confirmed that up to 150 remand prisoners will be housed in Norwich's A-Wing as a short-term measure, just days after it closed for refurbishment.

The prison's Independent Monitoring Board described A-Wing as a "horrible" Victorian block in a "very bad state of repair".

Perhaps they should be incarcerated in the Hilton. Bless 'Em. They're not really that bad are they. I mean, they're only bleeding criminals. Perhaps the government should start a new initiative. 'Adopt a prisoner' to ease the situation.

This Country is just going from bad to worse regarding the law IMO. We have so many uninhabited Islands why not build the prisons there instead of having jails in (or near) major cities The mind boggles.

Damn disgusted with the whole issue.

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