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Finally Got To Shoot My New Guns

Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:29 am

So yesterday, in the freezing cold, standing in 4-5 inches of snow...I finally got to shoot my guns. Had to at least try out my Taurus, as I will be shooting it this weekend to get my carry license.
I Bought My First Handgun (by KaiGywer Jan 19 2007 in Non Aviation)

Between Adopim88, myself, and my buddy, we put about 100 WWB rounds downrange and I also put 5 rounds 7.62x54R down as well. Cold as hell, with about 15 degrees, and some windchill to top it off.

I couldn't shoot for shit, but I blame it on the cold and the unfamiliar sights  Wink I did get a few decent groupings, but low and right every time.

No pictures this time, as my camera refused to operate in that temperature (low battery...battery was cold).
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