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Where Do You Search For "$100 Hamburger" Places?

Sun Apr 22, 2007 1:14 pm

Perhaps an odd question, but a simple one. For those who like good food and don't mind buying the 100LL (or in some cases Jet A), to get to a good eating establishment, what sites and/or publications to you look in to find said places? So far the only place online I've found as been

The reason why I'm asking (and asking carefully to avoid being accused of spamming) is becasuse a good friend of mine took over a restaurant last year that just happens to be smack dab next to a small public field (There's no fence and you literally walk less then a 100 feet onto the GA ramp from the front door)

The original purpose of the place was an ice cream window for pilots in the summer. It's now become a year 'round place for the locals. As a good friend and aviation enthusiats, I'm trying to help him out by finding places he can advertise in the aviation community. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. And if you're flying through Northern New England, give me a heads up and I'll see about getting you a "friend of Kearnet" discount
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