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Remove Lyrics From Songs?

Thu May 03, 2007 5:05 pm

I was wondering if there was a program that would allow you to change the levels of songs so that you could take out the vocals of the singer so all you had was the beat... or if there is a place that sells majour songs just as rhythm?

In my case, I have created different lyrics for "Sexy back," and I would like to take away Justin's vocals so that we could record our own lyrics. (its for a show that I'm in here in ANC... "Much Ado About Nothing" if you are in town come and see it. Its at the PAC and it runs may 3rd-13th thursday-saturday at 7pm and Saturday& Sunday at 3pm)

... the song I made up is "Shakespeare back" its really corny, but funny nonetheless  Smile
~~Kyle H.
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RE: Remove Lyrics From Songs?

Thu May 03, 2007 6:21 pm

The following is from the 'Help' section of Goldwave.
"Reduce Vocals

Use this effect to reduce vocals in music. In some stereo recordings it is possible to remove vocals by subtracting the left and right channels. In order for this to work perfectly, vocals must be identical (recorded equally) on both the left and right channels. If there is any stereo echo or reverb applied to the recording, vocals cannot be removed completely.

Note that any instruments recorded equally on both channels will be removed along with the vocals. This is unavoidable.

Usually subtracting the left and right channels destroys the stereo sound, giving mono output. However, by integrating a bandstop filter, GoldWave is able to restore some of the stereo, enhancing the output. Try the Reduced vocals with more stereo preset. Bring the From and To filter values closer together for increased stereo (increases the vocals) or farther apart for reduced stereo (decreases the vocals)."

Maybe this could assist you in your quest.
The program is at I understand you can give it a trial run.

Good luck with your show.

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