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Can You Idenify This Middle East Writing?

Wed May 23, 2007 10:09 am

I just picked up a neat Persian Mauser. Very nice gun. These guns were made by BRNO in Czechoslovakia for the Persians. This gun has some writing on the side of the receiver and the sight range finder I am not familiar with. Being a Persian gun this maybe easy to get. In January I showed some writing that was on a "1895 Enfield Martini" Which was probably made in the Khyber Pass area of Afghanistan. Nobody knew that language.

Please pardon if my handwriting does a poor translation, but the writing was small on the gun and I could not get a good photo of it. It is scanned from a pencil drawing on a sheet of typing paper. .
Big version: Width: 1382 Height: 1765 File size: 388kb
Persian Mauser writing
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RE: Can You Idenify This Middle East Writing?

Wed May 23, 2007 4:56 pm

Even though the first piece is not legible, I wanna say its most probably Farsi, my second bet can be on Pushtu. The second part is the counting from 1 to 20 starting from bottom right going to left and up like;

4 3
2 1

Numbers 4, 13, 14 and 20 look real odd, I am assuming its an error on your part. However the numbers, 7 for sure and maybe 4 can help decide if its Arabic, Farsi or Pushtu. I am not good at either of those, looking at number 7, I can tell you its not Urdu, the Pakistani national language.

And if you wanna be real accurate, Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan are not considered as part of the Middle East. Also, there is a city in Pakistan close to the Khyber Pass entrance (on Pakistan's side) called Daar, or Daara (not sure), that is famous for its weapons and the massive quantity and the way they make them. There was a nice clip of Michael Palin's Himalaya series about Khyber Pass and that city, I think its been removed now.

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