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Donovan Pulls A Trick On The Magic

Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:20 am

Donovan Wants Out of Contract With Magic

So Billy Donovan wins his second national championship in a row, preaches about how he won't jump to the NBA, how much he loves coaching at UF, etc., and then goes ahead and signs a phat coaching contract with the Orlando Magic. Now he's having second thoughts and is asking the Magic to release him from the contract. Supposedly, the Magic sold approximately 600 season tickets immediately after the annoucement of his hiring.

Having signed a contract myself not too long ago that I immediately regretted doing, I can understand the situation he's in. I had to suck up and deal with it and all the financial penalties that came with it, and so should Billy. Considering the advice I received when I solicted help with my decision, I would expect the majority of you folk to say he should suck it up and honor it.

But to put a different spin on it, if you are the University of Florida, do you want him back? Even with his prior success, do you still want a coach who waffled over leaving your school and even went as far as to sign an agreement with another team? I know how loved he was down there, but I say you gotta kick him to the curb and move on to the next era. A man can't decide between two jobs should wind up with neither.

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RE: Donovan Pulls A Trick On The Magic

Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:40 am

I think all coaching contracts (pro and college) should have a 24-48 hour "I've changed my mind" clause. After that point, you can't change your mind and it should work both ways.

I remember when Bobby Cremins took the job at South Carolina in 1993 and then changed his mind three days later.
I also remember when Glen Mason was hired to be the football coach @ UGA and then changed his mind and returned to Kansas (Where he stayed one more season before bolting to Minnesota).

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