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Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 6:47 am

Going on from a convo in another thread, what is your fav places to go/eat in your city

In Manchester

Balcony bar/Sports bar at Pic train station
Kro Bar Picadilly
Slug and Lettuce
AXM and Via Fossa

Im sure there are a few more, just cant name em

Kro Bar
Slug and Lettuce

Cant think of where esle i go to for food, other than the normal fast food joints lol
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 6:57 am

Here in Bochum I visit the following places frequently:


- Cafe Madrid (my friend's and my local)
- Tucholsky (used to be there more often in the past, nowadays I'm still there from time to time)


- Mangolive (new and friggin' awesome)
- Cafe Central (used to eat there every weekday when I worked in Bochum, damned good Italian restaurant)

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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:02 am

Hand In Hand Pub My favorite place to sit back and knock back a few pints.
The Highlander (Can't post a link as their domain name expired last week and they haven't renewed it yet).
Front Page News (Little 5 Points Location) (Can't post a link as their website isn't working right now).
Brewhouse Cafe Haven't been there in a while because they have a tiny parking lot that gets full fairly quickly in the early evening and the nearest lots are overpriced pay lots.
Downwind Restuarant @ PDK, the location of several ATL Meets/Mini-Meets
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:06 am

Letsee - I'll do it by the places I've lived.

Hometown - Muscatine Iowa
It's a town of about 23,000, and while their aren't that many unique food options, in the town of grandview about 20 miles south there is this place called Sombrero that serves the best mexican food. I've been going there since I was a little kid - I still get Chocolate milk with my meal, which always consists of a plate of nachos with peppers, beef chimichanga with rice, and three beef tacos. Sooooooo good.

As for the bar, theres a place downtown called the Missippi Brew Pub that I go to with my Dad. It's quaint and filled with townies.

College town - Dubuque, iowa
Lots of places there, but a place called Bricktown is always nice. You get a free meal if you go there on your birthday. Good food and good drink specials - when I was an undergrad they had 50 cent bottle wednesday nights (Bud, Bud Light and Miller LIte)

Intern town - Dallas, TX
There was a Fox and Hound restaurant and bar about a mile from where I lived that I frequented often - had really cute bartenders and great food. Also tons of tv's and they would always turn on University of Iowa football games for me.

But of course, I worked at DAL, and mere minutes from there was Harry Hines Blvd...and for those of you in the metroplex...ya'll know what's on Harry Hines...

Graduate school town - Iowa City, IA
I was minutes away on foot from the downtown area, so I would be all over the place on the weekends...a great place to eat is Panchero's, an amazing burrito place about a block up the hill from my old office in the Journalism building. As for drinks, Atlas or the Summit were always great places to go...the Summit could be incredibly crazy on the weekends...had a lot of fun there

Current town - North Shore Chicagoland
I live in Northbrook, but the towns up here are so segmented northbrook becomes glenview and glenview become niles and yada yada yada without even knowing it. I'm a big fan of Portillos, one of the best places to eat in the tri-state area...and Giordanos is amazing Chicago pizza.

As for drinks, there's a place over in des plaines whose name escapes me right now...but they have good deals and it's not too far.

The hardest thing now is coming home from work at 5:00pm and not wanting to do anything. I've been good about getting out at least one night a week, but it is just nice to come home and not do anything after being at work in a suit all day.
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:21 am

Detroit, MI.

Bar: That is easy. Tipperary Pub on Southfield south of Joy rd.

Restaurant: Roma Cafe. The longest operating restaurant in the city of Detroit. It opened in 1890. Another favorite is Charley's Crab in Troy.

Across the River in Windsor, ON: The Kildare Pub.

My other town: St. Louis, MO.

Anthonino's (on the Hill) & Morgan Street Brewery.

Quoting Planespotting (Reply 3):
College town - Dubuque, iowa

Before the Dubuque Star Brewery closed (1898-1999) that was a great brewery with a neat little bar.

Quoting Planespotting (Reply 3):
Hometown - Muscatine Iowa

Used to drive through there on my way to LaCrosse, WI.
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Fri Jun 15, 2007 11:51 pm

In Manchester I would say,

The Bank (its been renovated and is a bit to yuppy now but still good)
Scu2 (I'm sure any students here will know it)
The Pub (formerly called "The Zoo")
The Sandbar (Next door to the pub)
Grand Central - A perfect place for some drinks before moving on to;
Jillies - Ala Rockworld, the perfect place to get blind drunk and wander off with whatever woman/girl comes your way. The only downside with the place is the music is extra loud which makes talking a tad difficult  Wink
Night & Day - a good place to go during the day and of an evening a fantastic place to see some upcoming bands, it's next to a pub which was once owned by New Order, that pub has gone downhill rapidly over the years but its ok as long as you don't have the Guiness.
The Castle - just a few doors along from Night & Day, a small and cozy establishment, technically a liverpool FC pub but known to house a few City fans too  Smile
The Ape & Apple is quite nice during the day, even though its just full of old blokes at least its quiet, being a Holts' house there draught beer (none house) prices are quite high.
The Seven Oaks - been in there a few dozen times now, the first time was because we were walking past and it was raining (a good excuse). Its quite friendly during the day but its super busy at night.

In Bristol
The Airport Tavern is a good place to start, the amount of time I spent in there during my 10 month stay in the area. It's situated next to the airport in a village called "Lulsgate Bottom", a treasure trove of Aviation material too, from the typical props found on the cieling to the not to common cabin mockup model of a British Caledonian DC10 in the window. The pub is the meeting point for everyone in the area and once you have been there a few times you get accepted into the group and have a great laugh. The beer options are excellent as are the choices of Whiskey.
Walkabout - Found in the city centre, its probably just like any other 'Walkabout', still a great place to watch South Africa kick Australia's arse in the tri-nations  Smile The choices of beer are fantastic too, they even have 'Castle'  Smile
In the village of Churchill a few miles south of Bristol Airport there is a nice pub called "The Churchill Inn", its a nice place to stop for a beer on your way through. As is the "Star inn" situated a few miles further south, home of the best cavery I have ever had.
Vodka Revolution / Kitchen - back in Bristol is super too, found behind walkabout its a great place to sit outside and have dozens of different beverages brought to you (as long as you are polite and tip generously Smile). Gosh I remember one day about 3 hours into a very long beer 'sampling' session sitting out there baking in the sunlight trying every beer on the menu, before heading off to the next establishment.
The Slug & Lettuce in Bristol was a fun place to be, even if the only time I was there it was the Excel mid season party and all drinks were on the company.... The staff were very friendly too.

In Amsterdam

Of all the time we spent in Amsterdam I'm afraid to say most of it was spent in the same two pubs (which I can remember the names)
Tara - was our first port of call that morning we arrived in 30+ degrees (with me dressed in an all black suit), an 'Irish' pub, the styling inside was very nice and unique (loved the cozy sofa corner near the big TV), the beer choices were great and the food there was good too (I only ate like 6 times on the whole trip and two of those times it was from the vending machine things - which I still go on about how cool they are).
Tetra - A small pub which seems to go into a night club theme at night (depending who is on), the music is also great depending who is behind the bar, my first time there was the best but that was probably because I met 5 Americans who were actually decent guys and laughed at my "F**k the American Dream" scarface / Grand Theft Auto shirt, or maybe because I had the hots for the girl that was on that night or maybe its because I was drunk. Either way, its a great little establishment and if you are passing during the night do call in  Smile
London Bridge - A good pub which is fairly big too.

There was also a tiny pub which was in or on the corner of a red light district, it was owned by an old guy who was always friendly whenever we came in. Unfortunatly I can't remember the name of it right now.

Well thats about it from my list for now at least  Smile

FlyingDrunkards  Smile
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 12:05 am

Quoting FlyingColours (Reply 5):
The Bank

Forgot that place. Does a good sunday Roast YUM
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 12:43 am

Hmmm... I don't go to bars here in Doha, but I do go to quite a few resturants.

Applebee's - the best American franchise in Doha, hands down. I love that place
Al Majlis
Beirut Resturant

There's loads of great places to eat in Doha. No wonder there are so many obese people here!
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:20 am

Bray is only a small town, but it's only half an hour's drive from Dublin city centre, so I do most of my socialising there. However, we the best Italian restaurant in country: even the dust on the floor is Italian! And that's not just my opinion, but that of the Italian Acadamy of Cooking. It's where the Italians here go when they want to eat. The food is prepared with the greatest care and attention, and, best of all, it's great value. A good, three course meal with wine will set you back no more than €50-€60 per head.

In Dublin:
l'Ecrivan, Dax, Guilbauds, Still, The Tea Rooms, Thorntons, l'Gueuleton, Mermaid Café, Mao, Best Gourmet Burger

Dragon, Cocoon, Front Lounge, Café en Seine.

Spirit, Vaults.

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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:24 am

St. Louis eats - Pho Grand, Nordstrom Bistro, Chez Leon, Sportsman's Park
St. Louis drinks - Sportsman's Park, McGirk's,

Jury is still deciding on places since I've moved.

Quoting Planespotting (Reply 3):

of all the places in Iowa City, you gotta be kidding me...
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:33 am

My favorite place to eat in Frankfurt:

nice atmosphere, yummy food Big grin

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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 2:52 am

Quoting Falstaff (Reply 4):

Huh? Anyway, for my college town, Iowa City, I'd choose 126 or Z'Marik's.

Chicagoland: Portillo's

Nagoya: the udon place close to my girlfriend's apartment or Los Novios (Mexican)

Nagoya has good food, but nothing really great or unique.
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:29 pm

Quoting Trekster (Reply 6):

Never eaten in there myself, I was in there yesterday before the concert and it was packed like it usually is on a Friday afternoon.

Oh that pub I was talking about next to Night & Day was the "Dry Bar" (How could I forget that). It really has gone way downhill over the past few years.

As for pubs a little bit closer to my home  Smile


The Queens, packed of a night especially Friday & Saturday, a great place to go before heading off to one of the nearby clubs. Its more of your typical Tyldesley pub during the day as it fills up with guys watching the horse racing.
The Railway - Ironically named really since there hasn't been a railway nearby since the 1950s, its actually two converted houses and as such makes it quite small inside. Still a nice place to grab a pint.
The George & the Dragon, it used to be a bit of a dive interior wise but it was a nice place, now its been renovated its almost always packed.
The Last Drop - A nice place.
All of those except the railway are found on Elliot street.


The Bulls head is at the end of my road, its a very nice pub which gets absolutely packed of an evening or in great weather. They have a fantastic selection of beer (or wine if you like that stuff, my favourite wine is 'beer'), the staff are great too - well some of them  Smile


The Blue Bell - God how many times do I go there in a month, although it is a Manchester United pub its alright as long as you avoid the match days when its too packed. They have a nice choice of draught ales, beer and whatnot as well as a good selection of spirits. The pub no longer has the troubled past since it was renovated a few years ago, the staff are great too.

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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:35 pm

My favourites include:

Bel and The Dragon: I guess you can term this a "gastropub" (which I hate) but it really is excellent. Superb food, a good wine list and riverside location makes for great long summer evenings.

Nandos: Peri peri Chickaaaan and chips. Cheap. Cheeful. Plenty of good, relatively healthy food.

TS Queen Mary: On the Embankment (not literally, obvously), London, so not in my home town, and never eaten there, but I love the place. Cheap drinks, some good music if you want it, and the best view in London.

And not where I live, but certainly where I consider a second home, favourites in SoCal would include:

Huntington Beach:

Dukes: All about the views. To be fair, its not really - the food is great, but the views are pretty good too.  Smile

HB Beer Co: Lots of fun - good simple food and some nice ales too.

Del Taco: Not so much for the food, as I don't / can't each so much of it, but for novelty value too - we don't have much opportunity for "mexican" food here.

Lucilles: What a smell! Yum, yum, yum. Great Ribs and such, if you like that sort of thing.

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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:37 pm

There's loads of great places to eat & drink in Melbourne.

One of my favorite bars is The Geebung Polo Club, in Hawthorn. Lots of different beers on tap, the place is an institution here. The Nevermind bar also in Hawthorn is pretty good as well, busy little place. I also have to include the Box Hill RSL (Vetran's club for those outside OZ) as it's the closest bar to my office, and we usually end up there at least once a week after work for a few brews. They do good honest pub meals as well. Great steaks & roasts.

For food, there's a big asian community where I work (Box Hill), one of the better ones is David & Camy noodle resturant, the place isn't fancy, but the food is great & you can eat like a king for under 10 bucks. Their fried dumplings are fantastic.
Sofia's, a small chain here, has great pizza & pasta - they do a great carbonara, it's not sloppy like most places do it. Not bad for a chain.
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:43 pm



Necto (Ann Arbor, MI) [Club/Friday Nights - Pride Night]
Pronto! (Royal Oak, MI)


Pronto! (Royal Oak, MI) - Salads
Poole's Tavern (Northville, MI) - Burgers
Compari's (Plymouth, MI) - Italian
Leo's Coney Island (Throughout the Metro Area) -- Best food for a hangover!  Smile
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RE: Your Fav Bar/place To Eat In Your City

Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:24 am

My fav. bars in Sao Paulo:
- Piraja
- Dona Flor
- Bar da Praça
- Juarez
- Ebano
- The Black Horse (Irish Pub!)
- Santo Grao
- Skye
- Notre Dame
- Santa Isabel
- Old Vic Pub

My fav. restaurants:
- Camelo´s (pizza)
- D.O.M. (contemporary food - that´s what they say!)
- Giovanni Bruno (italian)
- Dom Carlini (Italian)
- L´osteria Piero (italian)
- Sendai (japanese)
- Aoyama (japanese)
- Ran Getsu (japanese)
- Kinoshita (japanese)
- Fogo de Chao (BBQ)
- Galeteria Gaucha (pasta, pizza and chicken)
- Effendi (arab)
- Espaço Árabe (arab)
- Brasserie Victoria (arab)
- Marcel (french)
- Le Vin (french)
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