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Work Rant

Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:35 am

I took a low level job awhile back as a break from real life. Bad move on my part but thats life. Anyways, rant time.

One of the coworkers of mine is a complete and total idiot. He could possibly be one of the stupidest guys out there. I stopped talking with him along time ago just because I was tired of his stupidity draining my gray matter out of my skull. Anybody in IT probably knows someone like this, the person who thinks EST is 3 hours after PST and will fight over it(IE PST is 1600, they will argue EST is 1300), this actually happened. The person who will come back and cheer about how great they are that they saved someone by doing a simple activity like restarting the pc to get an IP address, all the while I'm thinking just do an ipconfig /release - renew. He was about to return a laptop to vendor because he couldn't get the wireless to work, instead of checking to see if the AP was associated first. OK now my rant.

I started to communicate to him via email only. I did this because he would f up any detail and then try to get me into trouble with management. email = record.

So our boss decides to leave and as a joke told this idiot he was in charge. This idiot is at the same level as me but on a different path. All day long he listens into phone conversations and jumps in answering the questions. Everytime he was wrong about what was even being said. He hovered over everyone all day long. Keep in mind I hate this guy, I cant stand his voice, I cant stand the way he looks, I cant stand the way he smells.

This idiot never adds to conversation anyways. His response is always "so what you are saying is.... " and recant the same exact phrase that was just said.

Today I'm walking out and he is sitting in the clients cube back stabbing me. This is my rant. Keep it in the circle, but dont ever go to the client and start saying crap about another fellow coworker (we are subs). If you must backstab anyone at least get the facts right and keep it in the f-ing circle!

If I thought about it I would have recorded the whole thing and sent it into HR. Normally I wouldn't care, but with this guy he could go to hell and I would wish him a great trip.

My question for you guys is what type of knot is best to use to drag a 200 lbs sack of manure down the road? I may go out and do this tonight and just pretend its him. kinda like Whiners except the lights are on and the pimps been paid
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RE: Work Rant

Thu Jul 12, 2007 9:46 am

Quoting RichPhitzwell (Thread starter):

Gah I feel sorry for you, I have someone like that where I work. It's hard at times, but I do my best to ignore it all.
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