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Court Tells U.S. To Reveal Data On Guantánamo

Sun Jul 22, 2007 12:39 am

I consider this a strong vote by the courts in favour of some of the basic principles of the US Constitution AND human rights, which have been badly undermined in recent years. There may eventually need even to be a "Truth Commission", similar to that held in South Africa, in order to get to the truth as to what has and is happening to these detainees:

From the NY Times today:

A federal appeals court ordered the government yesterday to turn over virtually all its information on Guantánamo detainees who are challenging their detention, rejecting an effort by the Justice Department to limit disclosures and setting the stage for new legal battles over the government’s reasons for holding the men indefinitely.

The ruling, which came in one of the main court cases dealing with the fate of the detainees, effectively set the ground rules for scores of cases by detainees challenging the actions of Pentagon tribunals that decide whether terror suspects should be held as enemy combatants...

P. Sabin Willett, a Boston lawyer who argued the case for detainees, called the ruling “a resounding rejection of the government’s effort to hide the truth.”

When all's said and done, there'll be more said than done.

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