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Fellow Men Of A.net, I Need Your Advice

Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:48 pm

I'll start the thread by posting this video montage:

It's all about Michelle Trachtenberg, the beautiful female lead from the movie "Eurotrip." Before she turned 18, her most notable role was Buffy the Vampire Slayer's little sister (Michelle and Sarah, what a pair they make, awwwgggrrrhhhhhh [picture Homer foaming at the mouth]). Anyways, back to the topic I wish to discuss. This video mixed images of Michelle's current image with that of her days on Buffy. The way the images were spliced together interchangeably made me feel a little awkward.

Another example I wish to bring up was Anna Chulmsky, who gained fame as the title character in the film, "My Girl." Last summer, I visited NYC and some friends and I went to the cheapest play we could find, and she happened to be the lead actress in the play. She's about my age now, mid 20s, and grew up to be quite the attractive woman. She had a scene in the play where she stripped down to her underwear, and as wonderful as it was to look at that, I couldn't help but think "Damn, that girl used to have Dan Akroyd as a movie dad. Getting kissed by Macauly Caulkin on the mouth was a huge deal back then." It also made me feel a little awkward seeing her in her present form but knowing she was famous well before turning 18.

Therefore, what I bring to the committee of A.net gentlemen is the need to establish a code of conduct when it comes to looking sexually at of-age women who were famous before turning 18. What is proper way to do so without being hypocritical nor perverted? Is it wrong to compare how they look now to what you knew of them back then?
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RE: Fellow Men Of A.net, I Need Your Advice

Sat Aug 25, 2007 6:54 pm

It isn't any different to marrying or shagging a girl you grew up with or seeing pics of your mrs when she was 12.

As long as you beat your meat to the older pics it ain't a sin.

There are many child actresses wh grew up and got hot.......try not to think so much, thinking is the devils work mate  Wink  Wink
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RE: Fellow Men Of A.net, I Need Your Advice

Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:17 pm

Just as long as you aren't buying into the photos then you're ok  Wink

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