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Not The Best Forum To Ask This, But...

Sat Sep 01, 2007 12:47 am

I'm finding it a little hard to find proper info on this in other more local message boards, so maybe I'll get lucky here...

I'm considering renting some little appartment, likely for a month, in January along the atlantic coast of Argentina (la costa atlantica), but the prices seem to steep at least where I've been looking.

I know that property prices in many parts of the country are rising in a strong market, specially against salaries like it's been said in the news recently. And rent prices are rising even faster, in some places going "over the roof". But compared to even two years ago (I wasn't renting then but I was looking at prices just because), it's gone up a lot. I know in Mendoza in some of the nicer areas prices are really steep now, and in most other areas there have been some rises.

I'm assuming along the coast in Jan prices will be far worse... but is there any place where maybe I can get a good deal? Or someone I can contact? That's what I'm looking for, otherwise I might just have to cut my stay to one or two weeks there. Thanks.
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