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French Carte De Séjour Question

Thu Nov 15, 2007 12:15 pm

I have a question for those who have gone this procedure before, of knew somebody who has:

I've received my récépissé about a month ago and still waiting for a reply from the préfecture about the status. People around me are telling me that I shouldn't count on the card to be ready anytime within the 3 months period. My récépissé will expire on 4 Jan next year, in the case that I yet to receive it by then, I need to renew it. I hear that I could not leave and re-enter France within this 3 months until I get the card, unless I only travel within Schengen areas. To travel beyond that, I would need to get a préfecture return visa which takes about 10 days to process.

I need to return to KUL for 2 weeks during chrismas. As a Malaysian passport holder, I don't need a visa to enter France or any Schengen countries as a tourist or for short stays. Do I still need to apply for this return visa? I had a student visa with me (just expired), but that was only meant for me to be eligible to apply for the carte de séjour (applies to all non-EU/EEA for long stays). The officer at the préfecture said that I would need a return visa, as would my American colleague who went to the préfecture with me. A French friend of mine said that the officer hasn't a clue of the system, he assume that ALL non-EU/EEA nationals require a visa to enter France, hence I wouldn't need to worry about leaving and returning the country.

Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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RE: French Carte De Séjour Question

Thu Nov 15, 2007 2:50 pm

i tried to do this a couple years ago when i went on an exchange to france, but gave up trying to get answers and just cut my exchange to like 88 days. Granted, you have gone a lot farther than i did.

Good luck with the french beaurocracy! It is a great country though!

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