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Playstation 3 For $319 With 20% Off Voucher

Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:31 pm

If anyone's interested, today is the last day you can use a voucher to buy a Sony Playstation3 console for 20% off.
You can only use the voucher at KMart stores and you may have to be pretty determined too as some of the stores have realised how good the offer is and are doing all sorts to stop you getting your hands on one, but if you're still interested heres what you do.

1. Check out where your nearest K Mart sttores are & ring them to see who has any PS3's in stock (to save you a wasted journey)
2. Print out the voucher from this link
3. Go buy your PS3!

Just beware that some of the stores are deliberately tying to not sell it to you - but IF you're determined as I was last night, if you get rejected by either the electronics dept. person or the cashier, just take the PS3 and your voucher to the Customer Service kiosk and politely argue your point that the voucher clearly states ANY item.
It took me 3 attempts to get someone to listen and accept it but eventually I managed to get the 80GB model for $100 off!
That's my son's birthday present sorted!  Wink

note: the $319 model is the low spec version I believe (maybe the 20GB or 40GB version) The more expensive the model, the more you pay BUT you'll still get 20% off the price beforee tax is charged!

If even one of you manage to get your hands on one for 20% off then I will have done my good deed for the day!

Good luck!

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RE: Playstation 3 For $319 With 20% Off Voucher

Sat Nov 17, 2007 5:32 pm

That is a really great offer. Wished that they had something similar in Sweden.
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