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Differences In Intelligence: Whither Discussion?

Tue Nov 20, 2007 2:56 pm

It seems that the storm created by James Watson has not yet subsided. A multi-part article on supposed racial differences in intelligence has been posted on no less than, a usually well-regarded liberal Website. See:

The entire article is little more than a regurgitation of scientific claims of great controversy. The author is not known to be a scientist. Query, then, what is the contribution of such an article? would do well to enlist the contribution of a neuroscientist. This latest offering on its part is yet more proof that what could strike one as rationale for casual racism is accepted as long as it is accompanied by suitable disclaimers against it. Surely we have enough scientists so that reliance on nonscientific analysis is not required!

What was once fringe science is, against, accepted as worthy of note. If this, and the creation controversy, are not evidence of the decline of scientific discussion in this society, then little else comes to mind.
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