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Weekend In MAD With 2 Av. Enthusiasts, What To Do?

Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:40 pm

So it turns out that I'm spending the next weekend in Madrid with two student pilots (both girls!  bouncy  ) from my flying club, one of them lives in Spain for a couple of months and the other one and me are booked on a cheap Easyjet/Ryanair ticket out of Basel (BSL-VLC and MAD-BSL). Now I've been to Spain before but never to Madrid, and I'm sure some of you can give me some hints on what to do, aviation wise. Any good spotting and/or especially aviation museums? They are kind of nuts about civil aviation and general aviation (not military), and they'd much rather hang out by the active runway at MAD than go to the clubs or do the tourist routine. Well we might go to a bar on Saturday night, maybe you have any good tips on that too. Where to get good / typical food. Any suggestions? And no, if you're a horny teenage armchair airline CEO who wants to meet girls, you're not invited. I just want some good suggestions from locals.

Thanks a lot!
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