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Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:23 pm

Well for most of us college students, the fall semester is winding down to a close. As it was my first college semester, I feel fortunate to have (for the most part) good professors.


apparently this was the only professor I've had who raised hell for me. I will let the six or so pages do the talking for him unless I want to go into great lengths for a huge rant.

So let us hear about professors in your college days whom you couldn't stand.

Alumni is welcome to post.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Sun Dec 09, 2007 4:49 pm

I remember my thermodynamics professor in university. He could make anyone fall asleep with his lectures.

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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:06 pm

All my professors were fourtinately pretty decent this year, except for my Chemistry professor. She is downright AWFUL!


I am going to have to get a miracle to NOT get an F in that class, oh well, at least I now know what chem prof's are good or bad.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:33 pm

I had Mrs. Lally for writing and can attest that if you do not do your part, you will fall flat on your butt as others attest.


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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:31 pm

I had a bad psych professor for intro. this past semester and he actually had a good rating on ratemyprofessor.com which is why i enrolled in his class. What I failed to realize was how the reviews were for Psych 241, an upper-division class which he usually teaches. He's not tenured though, so I'm writing a letter to the head of the psychology department so hopefully that will do some good.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 1:18 pm

I had a physics lab assistant at Southern Illinois University who was a real nerd. His name was Mr. Dong. You can imagine the torture that a bunch of good ole' boys from southern Illinois could do with that.

He wore the same thing every day of the week. For example: Fridays was his blue pants and yellow shirt. Monday was his black pants and white shirt. He never mixed it up.

I never had anyone who was really bad. I had a few who were amusing, but not horrible.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 7:43 pm

The only one I recall was an Art History professor at the University of New Mexico. She spend the entire first day of class telling us how great she was for having raised three children on her own, working full time, and earning her Masters (or maybe PhD?). I guess the point was to tell us that she didn't give a damn about what our lives were like. Then, to add insult to injury, she informed us that the textbook we were required to purchase would only be used sporadically. Instead, we would use another book that would be placed on reserve for us (and hundreds of other students) in the library, which would only have one copy.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:31 pm

There's this creepy old guy in my school that not only is he the shittiest professor out there but probably a sex offender too.

I signed up for his business writing class in summer '05. There was 17 of us in that class. In the end of the summer session there were only 2 people left, and they both got Ds. Of course they were the type of students who are too proud of themselves to drop a class because of an extremely unfair and biased instructor.

He's a real pervert too. His office ir full of celebrity posters in barely any clothes. The girls in his class always got "special" treatment from him and always got the good grades, us dudes always got screwed over. I've heard very disturbing stuff from the girls too when they go to see him at his office.

Also he is always walking around our (tiny) mall during the weekends for hours on end. I was eating lunch at the food court with some friends and we made bets on whether he'd show up or not. Sure enough he did. Then we made bets on how many laps up and down the mall he'd do. The highest we bet was 5 at most. Well, by the time we were done with lunch, he had done 7(!!!). He also follows young girls around the mall.

I dunno why the creep is not in jail.

He is in ratemyprofessors.com and the comments for him are very nasty, but out of (what little) respect I've got for him I'll keep him anonymous.

Some excerpts from ratemyprofessors (this isn't even half of them):

5/29/06 COM221 4 5 4 3 Tech report writing is a boring class, but just go to his office and have him look over your papers and listen to what he suggests. Act interested! Lots of days off from class to conference, and get out early too.
4/10/06 Hu 330 1 1 1 1
4/10/06 HU 330 1 1 1 1 Has a strange desire for furry animals. Talks about gerbils during class excessively and walks around the mall by himself EVERY DAY
3/14/06 COM 221 1 1 1 1 He was the best professor I've ever....errrr...just kidding. He was one of the worst ever.
/5/06 hu 2 3 1 5 must visit his office to do well in the class
2/5/06 HU195H 3 1 1 5 disturbing
9/2/05 all of his 5 3 3 4 For everyone that says it's impossible to get an A in his class haven't gone to his office. Yeah he's a freak but just pretend to really like him and you'll get an A every time!
8/29/05 COM221 1 2 1 4 Totally Horrible. The only way to pass is to have him proof read. Every day. Anybody else would be better... and less creepy.
6/28/05 com221 3 2 3 1 And this guy......hmmm....i see
/3/05 SS300 4 4 4 4 This guy is kinda crazy and kinda spooky. But he is really nice especially to girls, gerbils, and Buffy. SS300 is a great class if you like Science fiction.
4/14/05 COM 221 1 3 3 1 *****!!!!!!!! is what I yell in rage every time I see him. Aced every one of his papers, but got a C in the class (probably for some stupid mistake on the final paper). Oh, oh, and that horrendous 60 page paper on bacon and toast.
1/19/05 COM221 1 2 2 3 ***** isn't particularly clear or helpful, but clear enough if you're gifted, I suppose. He is absent WAY too often, for unexplained reasons. Sarah Michelle Gellar and gerbil fetish (don't ask). Looks like an ex-70's**** star.
11/18/04 COM 221 2 1 1 3 ***** sucks. Avoid his class at all costs. He would miss class with no explination, and not honor appiontments. BAD teacher.
4/24/04 COM 221 2 1 1 Worst teacher i've had here not helpful at all

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I took this class in summer A. Got an F on all assignments, even with just a few errors. Will not tell you what he expects from you for the assingments. The class is easy, but he makes it f***ing impossible. Me and another 13 dropped the class, at the time of this writing, only 4 (suicidal) students were left.
6/6/05 COM222 1 5 1 1 I can't believe that he takes 30% off your grade for more than 2 errors! WHO DOES THAT?!? You may work on a paper for 3 hours, and not get any credit because you didn't center a picture to take care of the "white space". I would at least like some credit for the 3 hours of work I did
5/27/05 COM 221 2 5 5 2 I don't understand all the whining is about. If you go to class and conference with him, you'll do fine. He's always willing to help students and is in his office during his office hours. He knows his stuff.
5/26/05 COM 222 1 2 1 2 incompetancy...there is physically no way to get an A in his class and is always setting double standards...avoid at all costs if you would like to have a decent GPA or to only take the class once...
5/25/05 tech 1 1 2 2 to the comment before this...do you know WHY he is nice to girls? Think about that one
4/23/04 COM 221 1 1 1 He says you'll fail if you don't show up for extra help in his office (since he only holds class 1/5 of the time so we can get the help). Too bad he doesn't show up in his office.
4/21/04 HU325 4 5 2 He is always willing to help students out, including teaching independent study classes (which he doesnt get paid for according to unversityu policy. Sometimes a little unclear on what he wants from time to time, but overall not to bad!
3/5/04 COM221 1 1 1 The fact that I wasted my time writing 92 pages on what toast and bacon looks like is ridiculous. His fantasies with gerbils is strange, and he is totally disrespectful of students. Oh, and one more thing: We aren't in 1974 anymore!
2/8/04 COM221 4 5 4
2/5/04 COM 221 1 1 1 This guy has no respect for his students. He tells you to come to his office...even makes an appointment with you, and isn't there. He'll fail you for making FIVE grammatical errors (commas, semicolons, etc. count too)!!!

You do the math   

I also find it interesting how even the worst scumbag instructors have one or two "nice" comments by the suck up students who love to take it in the ass. WTF is wrong with those kids?

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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:51 pm

My physics teacher from my second high school senior year is worth mentioning. Of course, the geeks and the kissasses would get good grades, but I always had a hard time understanding what he was saying and responding to a question. Everytime he made a question, he could constantly give us more probing questions, expecting that we were the biggest minds in Physics. I mean, with the physics teacher I had in my first senior year, I got a B- (2- in German grades) in physics, with this guy, I barely got a D- (4-), which is barely passing grade.

Then there are two other people: first, the French and geology teacher from the 9th grade semester I did before moving (I had no problems with the other teachers, but with these two, my usually average grades in French and geology went rock bottom), and then the 9th grade math, Spanish and biology teacher I had just after that semester when I entered the German school. Suffice to say, I flunked that year because of them, especially the math teacher. She always had a chip on her shoulder against me and didn't even bother to help me with a few pointers, I just can't explain why. Then again, she had a chip on her shoulder against everyone, and it got to her so extreme that by the time I had her again in a preparation class for the Bachillerato finals in my first senior year, she went back to Germany after having a nervous breakdown.

Finally, there's my grade school teacher. She didn't know anything about discipline and would let things go crazy before taking actions. And when she doesn't know what to do with someone who's making trouble, she'd write the name of the troublemaker onto the board, and if things still don't calm down, give them as punishment a page or two as "Strafarbeit", without even saying what we're supposed to write as a punishment work. Hell, I would have preferred detention over "Eine Seite".
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:22 pm

I found and rated a few of my profs.

Quoting FLY2HMO (Reply 7):
I also find it interesting how even the worst scumbag instructors have one or two "nice" comments by the suck up students who love to take it in the ass. WTF is wrong with those kids?

I gave them ratings as they deserved it. Did I hate the class and think it was a waste of time? Yes. Did I still give him a good rating because he was a good prof? Yes. Not sucking up, just that some people like profs that others don't. Now granted, some professors are just bad, and I rated him accordingly.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Mon Dec 10, 2007 10:52 pm

My Astronomy Professor at CU was a brilliant man, but had no business being in front of a class. He'd been instrumental in designing much of the satellite telescope technology in use at the time (1982), and had awards out the wazoo. But when he attempted to explain basic astronomy to class of freshmen & sophomores, he'd start by writing an equation that took up two chalk boards. The class only went down hill from there. Most times he didn't look at us all, just scrawled equations and talked to himself as he did it. On the other hand, I think he realized his limitations as a teacher (at least to entry level), and his tests came straight out of the book - so the lectures were pretty much as waste of time anyway.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Tue Dec 11, 2007 1:49 pm

Every professor I have endured in the A&P Technician program at South Seattle Community College, PERIOD! (with the exception of one guy who retired, wished he was still there...)
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:46 pm

I'm an ex-professor myself, and as I went on to work at my own alma mater, solidarity stops me from commenting on my former professors turned former colleagues.

All I'll say is that even the most egregious assholes turned out to be charming and intelligent people when I got to know them personally. Only in one case can I say that a fucked-up professor turned out to be a fucked-up human being as well.  Smile
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:23 pm

So this semester I had the first professor who I truly hated- my AE301 (Aerodynamics I) professor. I somehow pulled an A in the course. How? I don't know either. I didn't learn one thing really, which isn't good. The guy taught every class from his notes that he projected onto the screen with the overhead- the same notes that he gave the class at the beginning of the year (within the first week, he brought in a huge pack of these notes printed out for every student and just handed it out). He would then run over them with his car-antenna, just reciting verbatim the information that was on the sheet. He never explained what is was and almost never did an example problem.

His test were open book and open note, and the test questions came pretty much from the notes. So the tests were not so much "Do you understand the material?" as it was "Do you know where to find the information in my notes that will help you solve this problem and copy it to the test?" That doesnt change the fact that the test were VERY hard and that he found ways to make things difficult. The class average on the first test was a 42 and on the second test a 37. He graded on a bell-curve, and since I received a 60 on the first test that gave me a B, and a 47 on the second test which gave me an A. These two tests scores somehow yielded an A in the class. I don't know how I got the A. I'm not going to ask. I guess the study method I used (dozens and dozens of little post-it note tabs labeling where to find each bit of information in my notes) was the key.

The "best" part was he had no attendance policy and had a late afternoon class. So on Friday's, the attendance percentage was very low. He would spend the first 10 minutes of class lecturing the people who SHOWED UP on class attendance and how we should encourage our classmates to show up. I really just wanted to say and ask "1) You don't have an attendance policy and you have a late afternoon class, so why are you shocked?" 2) I really don't care if my classmates fail to show up, because you grade on a bell curve, which means them not showing up for class means they do worse on the test which HELPS me, so why should I care?" (and by the looks of it, it did help me). I did miss his class a few times, and normally I feel guilty missing class (even though I've always missed for legitimate reasons), but I didn't feel guilty or upset at all about missing his class.

My Experimental Areo Class Professor was kind of an odd-ball. He spent a good chunk of class bragging about what a qualified aerospace engineer he is, and bragging about how he worked on this project or that project. Some of it was interesting, but it also got annoying and he seemed to think his class was the only one we had. The class was only once a week, but because of his rantings about how awesome he is, we routinely got out 10 minutes late or so, leaving me only 5 minutes to get to my next class.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:52 am

Quoting Falstaff (Reply 5):
He wore the same thing every day of the week. For example: Fridays was his blue pants and yellow shirt. Monday was his black pants and white shirt. He never mixed it up.

My freshman-year math class was taught by a German TA who wore the same PINK jeans EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE QUARTER...

By far the hardest thing when dealing with my professors was that easily half of them did not speak English very well. Any time I had a native-English speaking professor, I did OK in the class. But when taught by foreign born professors, I might as well not have shown up.

And a note to all colleges and universities: Just because someone is smart does not mean they can teach.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:17 am

I have two that might be worth mentioning. The first would have to be my macroeconomics teacher.....the first time I took the class, ughhh. I'll just skip to the end and say that I ended up having to drop the class and take it again this semester. Anyhow, that econ prof was a Frenchman. Not that I have anything against the French, but he was a walking stereotype. Arrogant, heaviest French accent I've ever heard, completely self-righteous, and just a flagrant asshole. He'd always tell the class how hardcore he was in college, constantly doing pot and drinking kegs of beer on his own. He also had some of the weirdest word-pronounciation I've ever heard, which made him borderline incomprehensible. I mean, he pronounced Canada as "ca-NAY-da". WTH is that?!?!

The second is my Public Speaking teacher from this semester.......my final in that class is tomorrow, ugh. Anyhow, this semester we were supposed to give something along the line of 10 speeches. I think I did 3. Almost every single class turned out to be a discussion on either philosophy or politics. He'd go on some political tirade and then would turn into a philosopher as he asked the class to debate "what is ethical??". On a few rare occasions he'd turn into Al Sharpton and talk about the injustices within American society, and how the Jena Six was a breaking point for us. All said, he basically tried to convince us that modern US society is like ancient Rome, and our downfall is imminent.....
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:41 am

Quoting Transpac787 (Reply 15):
the first time I took the class, ughhh. I'll just skip to the end and say that I ended up having to drop the class and take it again this semester.

unfortunately I'm in the same boat, but replace this semester with spring or summer and the hardcore Frenchman with a 60-70 year old from Bangladesh who appears to be passionate (err monotonic?) about economics because he grew up in one of the poorest nations to date.

He appears to be very arrogant and has an impossible to understand grading scale that prevents people from salvaging his grade. It doesn't match his syllabus at all and when you address an error in his grading, he immediately assumes you're taking advantage of him to try and cheat your way to a better grade no matter how much you show the error to him. Apart from that, waaay too much to assign in two nights. Between 12 other credit hours and a 25 hour work week I'm lucky to even finish 2/3 of what he assigns in a week.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:39 am

The worst? Tenure is a horrible thing, especially when the professor is highly respected and is going through the introductory stages of Alzheimer's. Twice in one week we had to listen to the same lecture, because we we're new and afraid to say anything. He forgot pretty much everything, and we'd have to go out and search the building for him before class, since he couldn't find the place. And then when the lecture actually started, his voice sounded like a chainsaw in extreme slow-motion... Only had the guy for a month or so, but it was bad...

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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 5:00 pm

Had an English teacher from hell. In the third semester she started with the same class as I had in the 2nd (I had switched from the normal to the international classes with three others). I and the other three where told we did not need to follow the class, and that she would call if we needed to show up for the next class. Well, she did call for the next class, 20 minutes in advance. Since I live over an hour away I missed that class too. For that class I was only allowed to miss two classes, so I had hit my quota (due to the teachers fault). When my granddad passed away I missed my third class.

In the second semester I got a 9 for that class. In this semester the teacher decided to give me a 5. I went to the vice-principal to fight that decision. He agreed with me, and I got my 9 back. Not had a class from that teacher since. Best part was that I was actually better in English then the bloody teacher and I was tutorring a few of her students.

Another funny story, I had a really nice coordinator for the foreign-exchange programme I participated in. Only real issue I had with him is that he forgot I was abroad! When I called him asking for the deadline for the project he had actually forgotten I was still in England. Ooops! He was enough of a sport to mention it at the graduation speech. Cool guy.
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RE: Sunday Stupid Thread: Bad Professors

Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:58 pm

Just got done with my finals and for the first time in my life, I actually despise a professor. Honestly I've had several bad professors but until now, none that I loathe from the bottom of my heart.

The class I'm talking about is my experimental aerodynamics lab. Each lab section has its own teaching assistant (T.A.) who is in charge of everything including your final grade. All the T.A.'s are graduate students. For my section, the assigned T.A. was Nick Fisher. This ninkampoop dislikes me because I ask him many questions for which he's too much of a tosser to answer.

To get back at me, he gives me poor grades on my lab reports even though everything is perfect. As a result, instead of having an A in the class I have a B which I struggled for. But guess what the tosser puts on my transcript?? A nice big fat 'C'.

I'm no longer at school so I can't even go to the professor in charge of the course to prove my case. Half way through my junior year and what a way to loose my 4.0.  Angry

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