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Holiday Junk Food Advisory

Sat Dec 15, 2007 5:07 am

We had a potluck holiday lunch/dinner at the office today. I knew there would be lots of sweets and junk food there. I swore I would just have some turkey, ham, and a couple of the salads. But as the evening wore on, I was tempted to eat one of the pumpkin/white chocolate chip cookies I myself had brought in. What a mistake! All my previous virtue was wiped out in a deluge of junk-- several more cookies (and they were HUGE) and two collosal pieces of pie-- pumpkin and pecan. Now I am in a foul mood and feel absolutely sick. And to top it off, I was very judgemental in my thinking of colleagues who had consumed massive quantities of food earlier in the day. Pride goeth before a fall.

Moral of the story... if your eating style is anything like mine, don't take even one bite of the holiday sweets that abound in homes and offices this time of year. One bite leads to many bites.

I will do better tomorrow...
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