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Rape Jury Called Back To Court 1 Year Later..

Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:26 pm

I can't find anything on this except it is "Extremely Rare"..

How often does this actually happen, that a jury is called back to the courtroom and has to be questioned??

BOSTON -- One juror, a white woman, was trying to convince the others that the murder victim had been bruised during a struggle, not during consensual sex with the defendant. Bruises like those, the juror supposedly said, can happen "when a big black guy beats up on a small woman.



Now, more than a year after the defendant, a black garbage man, was convicted of stabbing to death a white fashion writer on Cape Cod, the judge has taken the highly unusual step of summoning the entire jury back to court next week to testify publicly about whether racism infected the deliberations.

I've never heard of this before..
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