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The Final John List Irony.

Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:52 pm

Being a fan of Victorian architecture I was floored today while I was watching a documentary on John List. The man who murdered his entire family in Westfield, NJ. John List was under immense strain after a failed life of jobs and on the verge of bankruptcy. He felt his only out was to spare his wife and kids the shame of welfare and the other things going broke would bring. One of the points made was that the Victorian mansion they lived in had caught fire a year after the murders and it was discovered that the stained glass in the house was all Tiffany originals and worth a ton of money which if he realized this would have solved all his problems. How Ironic. It is being replayed at 4PM I recommend watching it, this one has interviews with John List as he is in prison today. Quite chilling how he described the day of the murders.
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