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Anyone Here Have Experience With Asterisk?

Sat Jan 12, 2008 3:50 am

If you do... I have a problem that's driving me crazy. (If you don't I'm primarially posting this to clear my head and talk myself out of jumping off the roof  Smile )

I'm using a Grandstream HT-488 to bridge a POTS line into my VOIP world [primarially Cisco 79xx IP phones].

I had everything more or less working the way I wanted it to -- incoming calls went to the auto attendant I had set up in Asterisk, I could make an outgoing call from the phones by dialing 9 and the phone number. The one huge problem I had was calls to or from the outside world would randomly drop very early in the conversation.

Over the Christmas break, I was hell bent on fixing it so that that didn't happen. I found in the firmware release notes on Grandstream's website that this issue had been fixed in a firmware release (I also found out that the HT-488 wasn't automatically downloading new firmware as I understood it was). So I upgraded to the current version of firmware.

From then until roughly today incoming calls haven't dropped, though occassionally it would miss an incoming call completely, and my ability to make outgoing calls has been somewhat iffy [about half the time I'd get a "Line Busy" response]

When I came home tonight I was determined to fix both of those problems.

Lots of clicking and trying and clicking and rebooting later (though I want to swear I'm exactly where I started) I'm now in the position where incoming calls are consitently and properly handled, but I am completley unable to place an outgoing call.

Being the relative Asterisk noob that I am... Any suggestions from those who have pitty for my ignorance?

Here's the sip.conf entry I have for the FXO port:
callerid="Outside Caller" <9>

Here's the extensions.conf entry that had been working:
; Dial 9 for an outside line
ignorepat => 9
exten => _9.,1,Dial(SIP/FXO1,60,D(w${EXTEN:1}))
exten => _9.,2,Hangup()

And here's what I added just in case something was funky with the Dial():
exten => 7000,1,Dial(SIP/FXO1)
exten => 7000,2,Hangup()
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