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Has Anyone Seen "From The Jam"?

Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:32 pm

I drove by one of the local concert venues here in Atlanta today and noticed that From The Jam (Which for those who did not know, is 2/3rds of the original lineup of The Jam, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton.) is playing there in two weeks, with Hugh Cornwell (Former lead singer of The Stranglers) as the opening act. The ticket price isn't too bad, $25. This may be the closest I'll ever get to seeing The Jam in concert since Paul Weller has essentially ruled out ever getting back together with the rest of the band (He said that he and his family would have to be destitute and hungry to reunite with Foxton and Buckler.). The guy they got doing vocals does sound a bit like Paul Weller (There's some clips on YouTube and on their MySpace page), close enough that you almost have to do a double take. So has anyone had the chance to catch them in concert?
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RE: Has Anyone Seen "From The Jam"?

Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:38 pm

I didn't know Foxton was doing this.  scratchchin 

I saw him not that long ago playing with Simon Townshend (little bruv), Bruce Watson and Mark Brzezicki (both ex-Big Country) as a band that was called the Casbah Club. They were quite good too.

How intriguing.
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