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Bluetooth A2DP Receiver?

Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:05 am

I'm looking for a pocket sized bluetooth A2DP receiver that will act just like a pair of bluetooth headphones, but instead of having the headphones, have an 1/8th inch audio out port.

I want to be able to plug in my really nice (like... $400) Sure in-ear headphones into it and listen to music streaming off my computer, off my phone, or off my PDA. Also, I want to be able to unplug my headphones and plug the dongle into my speakers in my room, so I can do the same thing.

I've looked on Amazon, but haven't found anything. Anybody know if they make such a thing? It has to support the A2DP profile, which is the high bitrate stereo profile, unlike the normal cell phone mono profile.


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