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Michigan, Florida And The DNC

Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:43 pm

Hello All:

As I was getting ready this morning, which is my birthday by chance (no need for a self-gloss), I got to thinking on the best way to solve the Michigan and Florida problems with regard to the DNC and holding their primary early.

As a voter in Michigan, I am very unhappy at this time that our votes do not count. And, I don't think that the DNC should punish the voters who really didn't have a say about when the primaries would be. While the argument could be made that since we elected the lawmakers that did, then that would be true. However, it did not come up in the election in 2006 as a forefront issue.

I would think that a acceptable solution might be something to the effect of:

Neither Candidate gets all the delegates they should have if the primaries were held ontime. Take way something like 1/3. Take away some Super-delegates, especially those lawmakers who signed in the new date.

For Michigan, since Clinton won, she would still get the most delegates, but then you give Obama like 2/3 of the uncommitted vote, which is probably how much of it is got anyway. In Florida, you could just take away a portion of the delegates as both of them were on the ballot.

This is just a thought, and as a Michigan voter, I want our state to not be disenfranchised for something the average voter had no control over. Michigan could prove to be a deciding state along with Ohio for whomever wins in November.
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