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American Jailed In Iran For Four Years

Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:11 pm

I find it amazing that stories like this do not get more attention.


Some key parts:

Nearly three decades had passed since Yaghoub Khezri fled his native Iran in 1978, on the eve of the Islamic revolution, to begin a new life in Forest Hills, Queens.

In 2004, some old business partners from Tehran reached out to Mr. Khezri and told him it was safe to come back and claim property that had been seized by the government, the lure — both financial and emotional — proved more powerful than any fears about what might happen if he returned.

And at the age of 81, it was most likely his last chance to see Iran.

Almost as soon as he landed in Tehran, however, Mr. Khezri found himself at the center of a nightmare. He was arrested, and at first faced charges that carried a possible death sentence.

After four years of struggle and uncertainty, tireless advocacy by his family and friends, the efforts of American officials, and an untold number of bribes, Mr. Khezri, now 86, finally was able to leave Iran and was to return to New York on Wednesday.

“This is an innocent man who was put through hell,” she said. “Some people say you are stupid, why would you go back? Iranians miss their homeland, and sometimes they just want to go back to see it.”

Soon after he was convicted, he had to endure 99 lashes.

“All of the lashes are administered at once,” Ms. Errickson said. “First they whip the legs, the back, the neck, the feet, the hands. And then they turn you around and get you in the front.”

Mr. Khezri was then kept in solitary confinement for nearly a year, according to his family.
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RE: American Jailed In Iran For Four Years

Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:25 pm

I wonder what passport he was traveling under? If he had a green card like it states in the article, then he wasn't an American citizen. If he was traveling with an passport from Israel , and attempting to enter Iran, that would be just foolish.

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