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Anywhere To Study Film In Seattle?

Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:50 pm


I'll be ready (hopefully!) to start my third level education next Autumn/Fall, and am considering Film Studies, and would be interested in possibly doing it in Seattle. I've looked through the web, and the University of Washington and the Seattle Film Institute came up, and both were rather lacking in information and difficult to navigate.

So does anyone know of anywhere in Seattle where I could do it?

I visited Seattle last year with my dad and brother, and loved the place, the nicest people were there, and we went so that we could further consider the option of moving there (we had lived there before when I was very young, for six months) as my dad had a job offer, but decided it wasn't the right time, however, my cousin is hoping to move out there this Winter, and propose to his girlfriend sometime next year, which would give me family there (and I've already met most of her family who were incredibly nice to us strangers!).

I'm just considering the move now, and haven't made any definite plans as of yet. I'm already a US citizen, so I'll be able to avoid pretty much any hassle.

All help appreciated, thanks!
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RE: Anywhere To Study Film In Seattle?

Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:46 pm

The Seattle Art Institute comes to mind. But it is not a part of the Seattle Community Colleges District. It is a fine school though...
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