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NY:"Chiller Theatre" Back On The Air For 1 Night!

Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:55 pm

Few under 50 will care about this but it warmed my heart to see 90 something year old John Zacherley and his "Chiller Theatre" horror movie show back on the air last Saturday night on WPIX channel 11 after so many years. It originally ran from 1961 to 1982 although for most of those years without Zacherley or any other host. John still does the SF/Horror conventions in the NY area and looks quite good for his age. I'd met him 4 1/2 years ago at one of these events but it was great to see the old movie show with its original cheesy flick clip and music opening credit. They ran the 50's sci-fi classic, "Tarantula" interspersed with Zacherley reminisces and comments in both color and B&W and it really did have a lot of the early 60's feel I recall from my childhood. That show made my Saturday nights back then and it still would if they really brought it back as a regular show. They wouldn't, of course, most of today's TV audience wouldn't watch old B&W movies on TV, campy host or not. But it was nice to see Zacherley one more time do his old schtick on his old gig. Thankfully, they also had film and photo clips of him in the old days of the show. There were many such made-up hosts like this back in the 60's and 70's but outside of L.A.'s Elvira, aka actress Cassandra Peterson, I can't think of any who endured beyond that. In the NY area, however, the bi-annual (October and April) conventions endure for those who want to see old-time favorite stars like Adam West, Lou Ferrigno, Barbara Feldon, etc. Zacherley will undoubtedly keep going to them also, for as long as he can keep it up. FYI: http://www.chillertheatre.com/main.htm

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