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For You Architecture And Preservation Buffs...

Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:03 pm

For architecture fans, kind of an interesting news story. The Milwaukee City Hall is reopening today after a multi-year restoration process. Built in 1895 in the Flemish Renaissance Revival style, it’s one of the most unique buildings in the US and when built, was one of the tallest at just under 400’.

Very interesting construction methods and material—copper, terra cotta, sandstone, and others.

Built on the cusp of the skyscraper era, the building used a combination of masonry and steel beams in the upper floors.

Aspects of the engineering were "more intuitive" and done while the building was being built, Engberg said.

"That itself was pretty daring," he said. "Sculpturally, it is one of the most complex buildings I've ever seen. It equals anything in Europe."

Some very good pictures too. Nice to see such intensive preservation efforts given the European influences. It’s a beautiful building.

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