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ABQ Ride Introduces A New Third Rapid Ride Route

Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:22 pm

Well, I have made previous threads here about the new buses ABQ RIDE is getting, including six additional New Flyer DE60LF articulated hybrid buses. Anyway, it looks like that this summer after they are delivered, ABQ RIDE will be starting a new THIRD Rapid Ride route - the Green Line. Currently the Green Line is scheduled to run from Downtown to Tramway via Central Avenue. I think this could help relieve overcrowding on both the Rapid Ride Red Line and the Route 66 Central Avenue bus.

Here is the official report:

ABQ RIDE currently operates two Rapid Ride routes: the original Route 766 Red Line from Central and Unser to Uptown introduced in 2004, and the Route 790 Blue Line from the Northwest Transit Center to UNM (originally from Montano Plaza to UNM when route began in 2007, and extended north to the Northwest Transit Center in 2008). The Green Line will be the newest addition to Rapid Ride.
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