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Where To Exchange 45,000 Fcfa In The US?

Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:15 pm

I just got back from Burkina Faso and I have about 45,000 FCFAs ~ $90USD in my pocket and I'm not sure where/how to exchange them. I thought for sure I could have exchanged them at ADD but they wouldn't take them, neither would anyone at CDG--which surprised me since both airports have a lot of West African traffic. I thought about just going to the checkin line for all the West African flights and asking around but I thought there might be a law against that  Silly. I stopped by my bank here (Chase) and she wasn't sure she could take them, but the currency was in her big manual of currencies. Anyone know where I can exchange FCFAs?
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RE: Where To Exchange 45,000 Fcfa In The US?

Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:36 pm

You can always try Bank of America. I came back from French Polynesia a couple of months ago and they were able to exchange Pacific Francs (a fairly exotic currency) for me, and the rate was half-decent, too.

To be fairly honest the cashier was somewhat incompetent and was not sure what she was doing but after half an hour I did manage to get my $15. She did have to phone someone at the bank to get the rate, though, as it wasn't in her computer system. If I were you, though, I would try another cashier at Chase first - maybe the one you got just couldn't be bothered to do the work.
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RE: Where To Exchange 45,000 Fcfa In The US?

Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:56 pm

I still keep some CFA francs from 2005. I just couldn't find anyone who would take them.

Good luck.

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