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IPod Touch Randomly Stops Playing

Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:00 am

I'll probably try hitting up my local Genius Bar tomorrow, but I've noticed something really annoying with my iPod Touch over the past 3 days or so:

I have one "smart" playlist that I use 99% of the time, built based on my song ratings, when things were last played, etc. On Tuesday driving home from work I noticed that I got about 3 seconds of a song, then nothing -- when I looked at the iPod it was back at the "home" screen and when I went into music it was like it is when I take it off the dock after a sync (i.e. no "now playing", etc.)

My first thought was that maybe that song had something that the iPod didn't like (most of my music has been purchased from the ITMS or ripped from my own CDs, but some of my really old stuff is slightly suspect)

Yesterday I drove to Ann Arbor and it did it once on the 3.5 hour drive...can't remember the song when it happened.

Today, I drove back from Ann Arbor making a couple stops along the way -- so about 4 hours nonstop. It did it twice; while I can't remember the songs that it did it on, I know at least the 2nd one was purchased from the ITMS.

Any idea what may be going on? Any way to look at an "error log"/"event log" on the iPod Touch to see what made it unhappy?

I haven't gotten any new apps recently, and when I'm driving -- when this has happened each of the times I noticed it -- of course, I'm not doing anything but listening to music.

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