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Does My TiVo Hate Me?

Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:42 am

I'd be lost without my TiVo; it's been far more loyal than any woman I've known, it for the most part knows my likes and dislikes, and I rely on its suggestions to keep me entertained and informed.

But I hate watching movies at home. If I want to watch a movie, I'll see it in a theater, thankyouverymuch. My TiVo had, seemingly, learned that point... until, a few months ago it decided sua sponte that my cable lineup was no longer vaild and made me redo that portion of the setup. Ever since then the relationship hasn't been quite the same. While I can live with most of its new quirks, it seems hell bent on recording movies. Worse, they're movies that I didn't even have an interest in seeing while they were in the theater.

The rest of its suggestions are as good as before (though I seems to have gained an affection for the "Real Housewives" group of programs), but I feel like it's mocking me -- despite my "Thumbs Down" or "Two Thumbs Down" (I'm weary of using the "Three Thumbs Down") of every movie it's recorded, it seems to insist on continuing to record other movies.

Has it found someone who takes better care of it? I'll admit I haven't been home very much lately, and the A/V equipment room has been getting a bit warm (about 72 degrees). I haven't been seeing any other DVRs though.



(For the sarcasam impared, this was mainly sarcastic. But the fact that it keeps recording movies does irritate me. I wish there was a "don't record anything longer than 90 minutes unless I explicitly tell you to" option)
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RE: Does My TiVo Hate Me?

Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:01 am

I is obvious that over the President's day holiday your Tivo has become confused and is now set to Washington's setup.

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