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Conspiracies Of A Drunken Hitchhiker!

Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:17 pm


Last night I picked up a guy who was hitch hiking and gave him a lift from Aberdeen to Perth. My reward for helping this fellow on his way, was a 2 hour lecture on how the planet and 90% of its population are doomed in the year 2012 due to a celestial body known as Nibiru passing close to earths orbit.  Yeah sure

Apparently this happens roughly every 3600 years and as stated before is not good news for most of us! Of course governments all over the world have kept this secret so as not to cause mass panic and the wealthy families of the world including Rothschild and Bush have been building underground facilities in order to survive the fall out of the planets encounter with Nibiru!  Yeah sure

For those that may not have heard of Nibiru

I do apologize to anyone that may have had plans beyond 2012 and similarly I apologize to any mentalists for letting the cat out of the bag.  sarcastic 

So I wonder, apart from my cider happy world traveling prophet of doom friend, are there any other enlightened ones among us that can shed more light on our impending doom?  Wink

Is there anyone outwith a padded cell and not wearing a straight jacket with any knowledge of Nibiru that they would be willing to share?  eyepopping 

Indeed does anyone have a drunken hitcher story of their own?  Wink


markyboy  shhh 

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