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Want To Find An Acting Coach Job For Local Theater

Thu Apr 30, 2009 7:00 am

Wow, been quite a gentle while since I started a post on here, but here goes:

As someone whom is searching ever constantly for direction in life, I'd begun to re-consider going back to the joys of my high school days in which I took four years of theater; in three years. Theater was my life. My joy. My passion. However, some more recent compilations of health issues has made somethings such as script memorization very difficult. I still manage to get my fix by doing dramas and skits at my church, during which I can still have the script in hand. (Even though a lot of blocking calls for objects in each hand. Go figure.)

So, as I had the dawning realization recently that I wish to instruct theater, yet consider myself too unable to get through school, I was informed I might be wise to look into becoming an acting coach for local high school and/or community theaters. Does anyone have any words of wisdom to add? I definitely have the bug, I just don't know if I should scratch it or let it itch for just a bit longer.

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