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White House Official Resigns Over AF1-NYC Flight

Tue May 12, 2009 4:51 am

Oooooooh boy am I ever going to burn in heck for this thread..... but I can't find any discussion over the AF1 photoshoot debacle over New York. Pleeeeeze don't flame me for bringing this up- I'm just curious what others think or more to the point whether others might have the same fear as I have.

After reading this article, Caldera resigns after flyover debacle by Josh Gerstein at I started to get chills down my spine.

This is very scary left-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-right-hand-is-doing kind of stuff. Here's my question:


Is this the first move on the part of certain elements within the US defense / security community to begin undermining the President of the United States?

Over 40 years on and conspiracies still abound about the fate of JFK and about who actually planned the assassination etc.

These three paragraphs speak to my fears most clearly. It's already too neat, too tidy. Limited investigations restricted to the White House- no inquiry along the 'chain of command'. Conversations amounting to 'asides'. Emails conveniently sent only after the flight had occurred. And seemingly, only the White House has egg on its face: the military has gotten off scott free! (Or am I wrong about that?)

Caldera did not recall the April 20 conversation and described the April 24 conversation as an “aside” in a hallway. Caldera also said he did not see an e-mail Mulligan sent the same day about the impending flyover until after the flight occurred. Caldera never told Gibbs or Messina about the planned mission, the report said.

The counsel’s office report, which is unsigned, says little about the motivation for the flight. The work of the White House lawyers was quite limited in scope and did not examine the involvement of Defense Department officials and Federal Aviation Administration personnel in the incident.

Caldera said he was never asked to approve the mission and did not understand that it would involve an Air Force One aircraft flying at low altitude over the New York area. And the lawyers’ report found there is no clear procedure for the White House’s participation in decisions about training missions.

Sorry for the spectre of what I'm raising but am I right to feel concerned?

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