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Encounter With Unruly Youth

Sun May 24, 2009 5:58 pm

Today I had an encounter with some very unfriendly and obnoxious youth. I will explain the situation: (Mind you, I am only 16 years old myself, but this was just stupid of them.)

Our house has a front and back access. The front access is our street and the back is an alleyway that has some apartments and some back entrances to restaurants. We have a garden and two car spots in the alleyway(rare in central London). I noticed today that there was a kid sitting in a car next to ours - it wasn't his spot first off and therefore he had no right to park there. When I later walked out I noticed to others bringing fast food from around the corner to eat. Fine, I thought they aren't doing anything wrong. I kept an eye out the back as I was cutting some wood for a BBQ tonight when I noticed that they were starting to trash the park. Motherf**kers! I let it go cause someone will come and clean it up eventually. I then looked over and saw that they started throwing the rests onto our car. That's enough, I confronted them with my mother and my uncle. We told them to go away and clean up the mess and that we would take down their number plate. They got very defensive and started saying "Why you looking at my car, man" to my mother (? What, shes a woman!) to which we answered "Were taking down your numberplate and calling the police!" They kept getting louder and eventually they had to start pushing the car out (Crap car so no wonder) and began to leave. Of course they threatened me with things like " I'll f*ck you up" and "Why you looking at my car, I'll fuck you up if I see you again". Now they said they were going to am our car but they didn't have the balls and they just sped off leaving a big screech. I just smiled knowing they were harmless and we didn't call the police cause they didn't commit an offence but if something is wrong with our car then we will. I had my baseball bat near by in case things got out of hand BTW!

So what would you have done? I'm interested because since living here there have always been some unruly kids in the alleyway and even though they are younger than me their attitude is ridiculous!

Of course they were chavs (you'll know what that is if you are English or live in England, the rest )

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RE: Encounter With Unruly Youth

Sun May 24, 2009 8:28 pm

Good thing you didn't take their pathetic threats seriously. I hate it when people try and pick fights, for no reason.
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RE: Encounter With Unruly Youth

Mon May 25, 2009 10:37 am

If this was Mumbai.Local public support would straighten these folks in minutes.Alternatively you could call the cops.
All these big mouthed threathing immature kids should watch their own video recording to view how ridiculous they sound.
Did your neighbours help out?

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