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Im Going To Dubai For A Month, Help!

Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:26 am

Hi. I should have posted on here sooner but it only dawned on my today that I do not know anyone in Dubai and im moving there tomorrow.

Id love to meet any members that live in the area, Ill be staying in Deira for the duration of my job.

Id also love to hear (read) any recommendations for living well in the country; good cheap eats, interesting things to do, where to find single women, etc. JEJE.

I know I will probably (well I HOPE) meet people in my office but id love to meet Anutters from the UAE.

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RE: Im Going To Dubai For A Month, Help!

Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:32 am

There are several A.netters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Look in the trip reports section and you might find them. I remember seeing their Emirates 380s trip reports and other TRs too.

Now if you want to do me a BIG favour any time you have time and you happen to go by Port Rashid, there is an old Lady Friend of mine named QE2. She used to be a World-Class Cruise ship sailing the Seven Seas for over 40 years under the Cunard logo. She also carried the British troops to the Falklands at speeds never seen in History. A war hero.

I was at sea in Dubai to meet and greet her. It was one fateful 27 November 2008 when she arrived in Dubai at the end of her Fnal Voyage. She has been sitting idle at Port Rashid ever since.

Any pictures you can get me will be greatly appreciated. We are a group of devout QE2 followers waiting for any pictures of the Grand Old Lady we can get from those in Dubai who will be kind to get them for us.

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RE: Im Going To Dubai For A Month, Help!

Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:32 am

Quoting MIA (Thread starter):
good cheap eats

I had to check it and it still exists, the favourite restaurant I have ever been to
the elQasr Restaurant in the Jumeirah Beach area is not exactly cheap, but when you have eaten there in one evening, you can drop eating for two days, and then it becomes cheap.
It, at least some years ago it was, is nice, comfortable, tremendous cuisine and good service, and also some entertainment free of charge. Do not miss it.
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RE: Im Going To Dubai For A Month, Help!

Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:16 pm

Well if you're interested in hanging out with us cabin crew folk based in DXB, PM me! I can give you advice on where to go and eat and where not to, and if you like to party we can show you a good time...Zinc. But being crew, we're in and out like birds, so we might not be the stablest of friends to have, especially if you're only in for a month! But given the time frame, I think you'll like Dubai  Smile

Quoting MIA (Thread starter):
where to find single women,

Well then, are you interested in EK crew?  Wink
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RE: Im Going To Dubai For A Month, Help!

Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:55 pm

I highly recommend buying a copy of the Dubai Entertainer book. It's a book of money saving vouchers that can be used in restaurants, waterparks, bars etc. Lots of buy one get one free type vouchers.
It costs about 600 Dhs, but that can be made back in savings in a matter of days. It's available in all the book shops.

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