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Driving Between Lisbon And Spain Pt2

Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:23 pm

"The Spanish hate the Portuguese. As soon as they see a car with Portuguese license plates, they will smash the windows and steal your stuff. So ill give you a car with a bigger trunk" - Car Rental Guy in Lisbon

Unfortunately, this meant that our car selection would be downgraded. Since it was a downgrade from our original car reservation - we got a hefty discount  Smile The very nice Portuguese gentleman even programed our GPS to our hotel in Seville. Everything was going perfect - until he pull out our assigned "Spanish Proof" car.. a Kia Wagon with the words "cee'd" on the back. Like "exceed" (expectations?) - but not quite.

After all the help - and discounts from the man, i felt it would have been rude to ask for different car. So we took our Krappy Kia on a 1500 KM joy ride that took us from Lisbon - Seville - Granada and back.

It was my first time driving in Europe. It was quite the experience. The A2 toll road down from Lisbon is perfect, no traffic, perfect signals - but we were surprised that the toll at the end of the road was almost 20 Euros.

Drove the speed limit. Partly because i wasn't used to European speed traps, and partly because the Kia didn't quite feel as sure footed as the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes flying to our left. Generally i found that people will never pass you on your right, unlike the US.

On our way back between Granada and Seville, we too the local road thru the White Hill Towns of Ronda, Grazalema and Arcos de la Frontera. The roads were as smooth as they can be, but they are so narrow. Going up the mountains thru the hairpin turns and switchbacks was a bit nerve shattering, specially when a car in the opposite direction all of the sudden appeared and you had to move to the right, which had practically no barriers and 200m drops. I could see this road being a lot of fun if it was a one way street, and on a better car.

I never realized that Spain had such terrain. Really Impressive.

Thanks to the recommendation from - we drove back to Lisbon from Seville thru the back streets into Beja. Great road as well, not as terrifying as though - but close.

I have never followed a GPS before. It was life saver. Its amazing how exact those things can be.

So.. thank you to all that commented on my previous thread. You'll be glad to know that i survived.
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