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Melbourne Conjoined Twins Leave Hospital

Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:24 pm

Just some more good news about those two little Bangladeshi girls, who were 'conjoined twins' until a few weeks ago.

They've left hospital and the video in this story shows them both smiling, waving, and talking. And apparently they've both learned to crawl, I guess it's only a matter of time before they get the hang of walking. Sad that they both still hold their heads on one side, but I guess that's only a matter of time (and devoted care) as well.

Must admit that, with all the doom and gloom in the news these days, I find this story utterly heartwarming. The medical team said at the very beginning that the chances of them both making it were only 50%. Thank God (literally for once) that the kids, the carers, and the medics all appear to have hit the jackpot!

Apologies for putting on a video that shows the current Melbourne weather to the people in Europe and the USA who are enduring such a blast of 'global cooling' at the moment. But in fact it was a rather uncomfortable day here, very little wind and the temperature got up to 30C in mid-afternoon.......  Smile
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RE: Melbourne Conjoined Twins Leave Hospital

Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:07 pm

Thanks NAV20 for posting this follow-up. It really is a heart-warming story.

I guess 3-year-old kids would be old enough to really appreciate being held and hugged individually for the first time in their lives. Or taken for a ride in a stroller, just sitting up like other kids!

My wife's cousin lives in Melbourne and we're always alert for Melbourne stories - even weather ones. I guess this is the first day of summer down there.

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