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Col. Robert L. Howard .. RIP

Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:44 pm

A real American soldier . I happen to have a good freind here in Tucson who served in SF with Col. Howard. The stories of being dropped out of C-119's and Beechcraft C-45's miles north of the DMZ and left to recon and fight your way back to the south never get old.

Long range recon and behind the lines sabatoge missions ... terrorizing the NVA in the jungles , mountains and rivers of NV, Cambodia and Laos. Mr. Mahaffy a living hero and one who I am glad to be aquainted with ; served at Kontum in the highland areas and Quang Tri with special forces .

When John Kerry said all those bad things about our guys cutting off ears and raising villages in the maner of Genghis Khan ... well these are the boys who were doing it. Assanations ... terror campaigns , working sky spot mission control in and around Hanoi during bombing campaigns. All of it done in secrecy .... Mr. Mahaffey's wife was told he was working on airplanes at Korat AFB for 4 years because he was drafted from the airforce and put in special forces without her knowing! Agree or not with the war and its aftermath ... Col. Howard and his fellow "special " soldiers did they're duty and the enemy hated them.
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