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Unable To Send Email From Gmail To Cellphone Email

Fri May 07, 2010 4:59 pm

have a T-mobile account in Hungary on my old Motorola V225, and the issue is that whenever I try to send mail to my email phone address from Gmail, I always get a Mail Delivery Failure message that the message has failed to go through.

Now, If I send a message FROM my phone TO my Gmail address, then I get the messages just fine....But not the other way around...I am even using IMAP under Gmail and not POP.

My phone's email address is the number@mms.t-mobile.com if that would help for some clues.

I tried the following....

3630thenumber@tmomail.net and did not get nothing on my phone.

But no Mail Failures yet on Gmail....

How can I resolve this issue please?


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