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Cheapest Way To Travel In Northern Cyprus?

Sat May 08, 2010 3:40 am

hey guys,

I want to make a short trip to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the comming few months, but the political situation in the Island makes it a bit difficult for me. If anyone been there or knows someone who do, I have some questions, I hope you guys can help me out.

Well, since the TRNC is not recognised by the world, there are flights to the TRNC only from Turkey. Flying TLV-IST-ECN cost around 450 USD, and takes a hole day. Beside, it's stupit to fly all the way to Istanbul just to head right back south, therefore I plane to fly to LCA, in the south, which cost less then half the price (only 40 min jet flight from TLV). From Larnaca, I want to cross the border to the north, then to travel 2-4 days in the TRNC using a rental car. Now -

A. Can I rent a car in the south and to take it North? From what I read, I have no Insurance when taking a 'southern' car to the north, except for 3rd party insurance that I cab buy at the border.
B. Taxi ride from LCA to TRNC is around 50 British pounds one way. Is there a cheaper way, like taking a bus to Nicosia, then crossing the border, then taking another bus to Kirinia/Famagusta, and renting a car only in the north?
C. Who many days are enought for TRNC? We plan (i will go with a friend) to travel and not to lay on the beach. Will 2 days do it?
D. Did someone cross the TRNC border with a car? Is that an easy proccess?
E. How is the public transport level in TRNC and in southern Cyprus? Is it possible to travel with no car?
F. An Israeli shipping compeny offers Haifa-Famagosta ride which takes 11 hours for 189 USD round trip. Even tought I love flying (like all people here) considering all the mess of getting there, do you think it's a better option?

Thank you all.

(please please please avoid politics!)

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RE: Cheapest Way To Travel In Northern Cyprus?

Sat May 08, 2010 4:43 am

This page:
seems to suggest that it is not possible to take a car accross the inner-Cypriot border. It seems that busses and minibusses are plentiful and cheap.
On the same website, on the Israel page, he describes the ferry to Cyprus. Given that it runs only once per week, flying may be the better option!

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