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Norwegians Critical To BP And US Coast Guard

Thu Jun 17, 2010 12:04 am

This is a bit old article but ( 28th of may )

" The three Norwegian vessels, Boa Sub C, Ocean Intervention III and Skandi Neptune, all with Norwegian crew on board were located nearby, when it was sent out distress signals from the oil rig. They were among the first to join the rescue operation. "

" The crew of the Norwegian boats, which was the first eyewitnesses of these first days after the disaster, told Dagbladet that they perceived that BP and the U.S. Coast Guard deliberately tried to lull the extent of the oil spill. "

" - BP drove direct lies and propaganda, "says one of the Norwegians who were in the area. "

Read the entire article using google translator:

How in the world could BP think they could hide the actual amount of spill ? So silly of BP gamble and not be frank about it from day one.

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