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Deadliest Warrior TV Show

Fri Jun 18, 2010 11:29 pm

Does anyone here watch this great show on SpikeTV? It's on Tuesday at 10PM.Next week it will pit the CIA against the KGB.
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RE: Deadliest Warrior TV Show

Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:40 am

I've become somewhat of a fan of the show. Thus far my favorite episodes have been Apache v. Gladiator and Samurai v. Viking. I also loved Zande vs. Aztec Jaguar, SWAT v. GSG9, and Centurion v. Rajput. I do have to say there are times when the weapons they have chosen have made me scratch my head - for instance in SWAT v. GSG9, I was a bit surprised that no handguns (Colt M1911 v. Glock 17 maybe?) and that the H&K MP5 wasn't chosen as the SWAT assault rifle. There's also been times that I think the team of Dr. Durian, Max, and Jeff gave the edge to the wrong weapon. For instance, in Jesse James v. Al Capone, I personally thought the Bowie knife deserved the edge over the stiletto based on its greater utility, including its ability to be thrown. While the stiletto is concealable, I think the Bowie knife was, overall a better weapon.
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