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The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:10 pm


Arguably the oldest state-run navy in the world. This week there will be a total of 44 navy vessels from all over the world in the harbour of Copenhagen to celebrate this anniversary.

Here are a few pictures I took today. Very impressive sight:

This is what's going on this week if anyone's in Denmark and wants to see:
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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:14 pm

And here is a compilation of the greatest events for the Danish Navy (translated by google translate so some errors might occur)

1511 - 9th August. Danish victory
Fleet of 20 ships commanded by Jens Holgersen Ulfstand aboard ENGEL struggling at Bornholm against a Liibecker fleet at 18 ships and dispels it. Five Liibeckers ships conquered.

1535 - 9th June. Danish victory
An allied fleet of 18 Danish, 11 Swedish and ten Prussian ships under Admiral Peder Skram and Swede by Måns Somebody proposes Bornholm Liibecker a fleet of nine major and 14 smaller ships under Michel Samsonians and then destroy the Liibeckers fleet Svendborgsund 19th juni 1535th

1563 - 10th September. Dans victory
A Danish-Liibecker fleet of 27 Danish and seven Liibeckers ships under Admiral Peder Skram fights Swedish fleet of 30 ships under Admiral Jacob Bugge at Gotska Sandøe.

1564 - 12th-14th August. Danish victory
A fleet of 39 ships under Admiral Herluf Trolle struggling through Virgo (Oland) against a Swedish fleet of 28 ships commanded by Klas Horn.

1565 - 7 July. Danish defeat
Fleet Strength at 21 Danish and 17 Liibeckers ships under Admiral Otto Rud is between Rügen and Bornholm beaten by a Swedish fleet of 46 ships under admiral Klas Horn. The Danes lost three ships and about. 4,000 men. Admiral Otto Rud become injured. The Swedes lost four ships and about. 2000 man.

1626 - 31 May Danish victory
Squadron of five ships from the river Elbe under Admiral George Ulfeld states in the North Sea 12 fribytterskibe from Dynkerk. Two ships burned and four kicks lowering.

1630 - 5th-7th September. Danish victory
A fleet of 22 warships and others under King Christian IV beats Elbe Hamburg's fleet of 22 ships and others under Mayor Albet von Eitzen. The Hamburg admiral ship anchor was caught up by the Danish force and committed church tower Glückstadt.

1644 - 16 & 24th May Danish victory
A Danish naval force of nine ships under King Christian IV on board a warship Triple propose Listerdyb at the island of Sylt a combined Swedish-Dutch fleet of 13 ships under Martin Thijssen.

1644 - 1 July. Danish victory
Battle of Colberger Heide. Fleet of 40 ships and others in three squadrons under the command of King Christian IV fights Swedish fleet of 42 ships under Admiral Klas Fleming. King injured and loses one eye, but continue the fight under the motto: '... When just any will do his duty '. (National-song first verse),.

1657 - 12th & 13th September. Draw
A fleet of 26 ships under the command of Vice Admiral Coat Henrik Bjelke struggling tie in with Moen Swedish fleet of 40 ships under Admiral Klas Bjelkenstjerna.

1658 - 2nd - 5th February. Danish victory
During Karl Gustav-Wars rejects a squadron consisting of the frigates Swedish lion, Samson, Emanuel and Swedish Lamb, under Capt. Peter Bredal in Nyborg Fjord Swedish army attack and storm ships. Ships ISES out of the fjord and arrive in Copenhagen 15th April when Bredal reward appointed coach Master of Holmen and will have six stalls skipper to hold. Peter Bredal falls on 14 December the same year during the liberation of Als.

1659 - 23 July. Danish defeat
Danish-Dutch squadron, consisting of the two Danish frigates gray wolf and ST. JOHANNES, and three Dutch ships under Captain the Konigk struggling honorably in Ebeltoft Vig against Swedish squadron of ten ships under Owen Coxe. Dutch frigate blows and the other ships fought for.

1710 - 4th October. Draw
The fleet of 26 liners and five frigates under General Admiral Ulrich Christian Gyldenløve struggling in Køge Bay against Swedish fleet of 21 liners and three frigates under General Admiral Wachtmeister. Line DANNEBROG ship, commanded by Captain Iver Huitfeldt, ignites and explodes in the air during the battle. Of the approx. 600 men on board survive only three. Commodore's body is later found at the seashore at Koge.

1712 - 29 September. Danish victory
Fleet of 22 line ships and six frigates under General Admiral Gyldenløve destroys at Rügen 42 transport craft and capture 15 ships of the Swedish transport fleet escorted by Swedish fleet of 24 liners and three frigates under schoutbynacht Sjöblad.

1676 - 25th & 26th May Draw
A Danish-Dutch fleet of 18 liners and eight frigates under Admiral Niels Juel fighting between Bornholm and Rügen tie with Swedish fleet of 27 line ships and 11 frigates under Admiral Others Lorentz Creutz.

1676 - 1 June. Danish victory
Danish-Dutch fleet of 25 liners and ten frigates and others under the Dutch General-Admiral Tromp and Admiral Niels Juel proposed by Oland Swedish fleet of 27 line ships and 11 frigates under Admiral Others Lorentz Creutz. Admiral Creutz flagship Kronan capsized and blows the whole crew. The Swedes lost four line ships, two frigates and about. 4,000 men, including three admirals.

1677 - 1 June. Danish victory
Østersøeskadren ten-line ships and three frigates under Admiral Niels Juel proposed by Moen Swedish squadron of seven ships line, two frigates and two armored hunts under Admiral Sjöblad. Six Swedish ships conquered and 1,500 men, including Admiral Sjøblad, taken prisoner.

1677 - 1 July. Danish victory
Battle of Køge Bay. A Danish naval force on 27 line ships and frigates and others under Admiral Niels Juel propose a Swedish fleet of 30 liners and frigates Others under Admiral-General Henry Horn. The Swedes lost eight liners and approx. 4,000 men. Niels Juel appointed General admiral-lieutenant and elephant-knight. (Medal proposed).

1679 - 20th July. Danish victory
A squadron of four liners Others under Rear Admiral Henry Span from Niels Juels naval attack in Kalmarsund Swedish squadron of six liners and frigates. The Swedish warship NYCKELEN blows.

1695 - 31 May Draw
Line ship dragon, captain Just Juel, declines in the English Channel a five-hour attack on a Danish convoy around. 100 ships from the English frigate Charles gallery. The dragon has 22 dead and wounded, while the British losses are 29 killed and wounded.

1715 - 24 April. Danish victory
A Danish fleet of eight liners and three frigates under schoutbynacht Christian Carl Gabel proposed by Fehmarnbelt (Colberger Heide) Swedish squadron of four liners and two frigates under schoutbynacht Wachtmeister. Frigate Løvendahl galley, head captain Peter Wessel, takes schoutbynacht Wachtmeister to catch and stop the destruction of the basic set Swedish ships. Three Swedish Line ships and two frigates conquered and 15 cannon ships and Others Christian Carl Gabel appointed to vice admiral.

1715 - 8th August. Danish victory
Baltic fleet of 21 liners Others under Admiral Raben struggling at Rügen and dispels Swedish fleet of 20 liners under Admiral Sparre. During the battle falls, the Danish admiral Just Juel and the Swedish admirals Hencke and Lily.

1716 - 8.juli. Danish victory
Squadron of two frigates, two cannon ships and three galleys under Captain Tordenskiold striker Duvet source Swedish transport fleet to escort one piece barge, eight galleys and others during schoutbynacht Strömstjerna. Nine Swedish warship and conquered the entire transport fleet for King Karl XII's belejringshær destroyed.

1719 - 26 July. Danish victory
Fleet Strength of seven liners, two frigates, five cannon ships and floating batteries, and five galleys under schoutbynacht Tordenskiold conquer fortress Charles Stone after Marstrand was obsessed 23rd July. There verified by the Swedish squadron of seven frigates and eight galleys under the command Sjöblad conquered two frigates, a galley and a piece barge. The rest is lowered by the Swedes themselves. Tordenskiold appointed to vice admiral.

1801 - 2nd April. Danish defeat
Battle of Copenhagen. Defensionseskadren, commanded by Captain Johan Olfert Fischer, struggling for more than four hours against an English naval force under the command of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. Danish loss is 1,348 dead and wounded and 1,779 prisoners, the British losses are 2,237 dead and wounded.

1807 - 21 October. Danish defeat
Fleet Ran. 16 line ships, 15 frigates and corvettes, 14 smaller vessels and 92 koffardiskibe with substantive stands out through the crown race under the British flag after the capitulation against England 6th september 1807th

1808 - 22 March. Danish defeat
Battle of Sjælland Odde. Line ship Prince Christian Frederik, chief captain Carl Wilhelm Jessen, struggling of Zealand Point against English squadron consisting of line ships Stately and Nassau and three frigates under Captain Parker. After three hours of fighting elect Captain Jessen putting Prince Christian Frederik, because beside the point port where the ship of the line subsequent jumps in the air. Of the 576 men on board die second lieutenant Peter Willemoes, one of the heroes of the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801 and 68 other crew members die while 132 injured. The English losses are six dead and 48 wounded.

1808 - 9th June. Danish victory.
21 gunboats and 12 morterchalupper under Commander John C. Krieger English attack convoy of 73 ships under escort in Flint Trench. The English orlogsbrig The TURBULENT and 11 koffardiskibe conquered.

1808 - 20th October. Draw
21 gunboats under Commander JC Krieger struggling in Sundets south towards the English line ship Africa, one bombarderskib and two navy brig escorting the convoy of 137 ships. Africa escapes, badly damaged, and may later return to England for repairs. The Danish loss amounts to 25 dead and 34 wounded. while englæn ¬ award have ten dead and 42 wounded.

1810 - 19 July. Danish victory
Squadron of six navy brig from Norway under Capt. John Krieger captures the Skagerrak English convoy of 47 ships.

1812 - 6th July. Danish defeat
The battle of Lyngør. Frigate NAJADEN, chief captain Hans Peter Holm and navy brig Lolland SAMSØ and KIEL struggling in Lyngør Port v English line ship Dictator, Commander Captain Stewart, and navy brig CALYPSO, PODARGUS and flames. NAJADEN shot on fire and sinking without lowering the flag.

1849 - 5th April. Danish defeat
The fight at Eckernförde. Line ship Christian VIII frigate Gefion, wheel steamships Hekla and Geiser, commanded by Commander Frederick August Paludan attacking the German batteries in Eckernförde fjord. Line ship shot on fire and blown up, while the frigate conquered by the Germans.

1864 - 9th May Danish victory
Battle of Heligoland. Nordsøeskadren consisting of screw frigates Niels Juel and Jutland and skruekorvetten Heimdal, commanded by Commander Edouard Suenson proposes an Austrian squadron, consisting of screw frigates SCHWARZENBERG and Radetzky and the three Prussian steam gunboats Preußischer ADLER, BLITZ and BRASILISK, commanded by Linienschiffskapitän von Tegetthoff.

1943 - 29 August. Draw
Fleet lowering. 32 ships were sunk by own crew of four reached Swedish territory, two vessels were in Greenland, while 14 ships and vessels were captured unharmed by the Germans. Navy patrol boats 59 reached nine Swedish territory, while the rest were taken by the German occupiers. For Navy personnel falls seven.

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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:27 pm

That's cool, You have the oldest flag too, I've been told (the Dannebrog, I believe).

Congratulations to the Danish Navy.
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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 1:31 pm

Quoting ajd1992 (Reply 2):
That's cool, You have the oldest flag too

And the second oldest royal family!

From wiki: "The Danish monarchy is over 1000 years old, making it the second oldest continual monarchy in the world still existing today. "

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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:05 pm

Quoting ajd1992 (Reply 2):
You have the oldest flag too, I've been told (the Dannebrog, I believe).

With a fairly amusing legend of how that came about  

And prior to Dannebrog, the vikings were using the Raven Banner, which can be dated back to at least 878.
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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:45 pm

Congratulations to our northern neighbor. That's quite a proud heritage that your navy has!
The frigate on the top two pictures, is that one of the new Absalon class multi-purpose frigates? If so, it's the first picture I've seen of her. Pretty interesting concept.
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RE: The Royal Danish Navy Turns 500!

Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:03 pm

Quoting thomil13FRA (Reply 5):
The frigate on the top two pictures, is that one of the new Absalon class multi-purpose frigates? If so, it's the first picture I've seen of her. Pretty interesting concept.

Yes - indeed it is! It was the first time I saw it in real life. How come you know about it there? Are you interested in war ships?

I like this article:


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