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Riding The Aces Train To Atlantic City.

Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:43 am

Bout a year ago, I had to take a trip down to Atlantic City and someone directed me to this train service called ACES train.


Taking The Aces Train To Brigantine On NY Shore? (by Mirrodie May 26 2009 in Non Aviation)?threadid=2084372&searchid=2084372&s=ACES+train#ID2084372

I took it going down to the shore and I highly recommend it. I think the ticket was $25 and I upgraded to the upper deck which was ULTRA quiet. Total ticket cost was $54

The lower level of the bilevel train were PACKED with drunk gamblers. PACKED.

Whereas upstairs was merely one couple and myself. Worth the price of the ticket. Upstairs was F class with red seats. So it was a quiet ride with service at my seat.

Downstairs had blue seats.

At the end of the railcars were "lounge" areas that could be rented. You could plug in an iPod or DVD and play them off flatscreens.

I spent most of the trip chatting with the conductor about the train, as I had once worked for the world's busiest commuter railroad myself.

This train was run by a diesel on one end and an electric locomotive on the other.

An odd route, it left NY Penn station, , stops at Newark, then to a track point in Pennyslvania for a moment before switching track and running backwards the rest of the way (push pull style) to Atlantic City.

It;s a picture report. Promised STT757 I'd do a TR. Got the menu in there as well. I had the chicken ciabatta, nothing like that I've had on AA in business but it was toasty and decent.

If you know me, you know I HATE traffic. I loathe it. I love a nice drive but HATE traffic.

So this was a GREAT way to hit AC. I would TOTALLY recommend this to ANYONE who wants to head down to AC and relax or play or just give in to total debauchery.









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RE: Riding The Aces Train To Atlantic City.

Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:13 am

Thanks Mario,

You know there's an abandoned line through the New Jersey Pine Barrens called the Southern Secondary, it's a much more direct route but it's been out of service for 25 years and would cost a lot to bring it up to modern standards. Thanks for sharing.
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