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Soda Stereo's Cerati: 3month Coma & Counting

Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:25 am

Some of you, mainly Spanish-speaking forumites of, probably know about the events sorrounding Gustavo Cerati that have led to him being in a medically induced coma for the last three months. He was finishing up a tour of South, Central and North America and in his final stop in Caracas, suffered dizzy spells, that would evolve into much worse situations leading to a stroke. Ever since then he has not regained consciousness. The sorroundings of Cerati (family, business, doctors), have been unreasonably secretive in my opinion, and should open up about the real chances of him quite frankly, surviving.

Sad stuff... It's funny because Soda was a band I like a lot, but not my favorite band (Divididos, Babasonicos, Virus, Interama, Carajo are amongst my favs), and Cerati' solo career has been incredibly succesful even as I don't follow solo careers as much. But it is undeniable he made some of the finest music not just in Spanish, but in world pop-rock, and this I have read online, in books and heard from the mouth of countless non-Spanish speakers that hear Soda Stereo and his solo albums.

I rarely watch music channels of late, but today with bad weather I sat down to Much Music, the Argentine music channel (I think it's seen across Latin America), and saw a video of Cerati. I knew the song, but hadn't heard it in a year or two. It hit me then how beautiful his stuff is.

The thing is, this particular song (Vuelta Por el Universo), which was a co-work with Daniel Melero, really haunted me and for the first time I almost cried for the guy. The song itself, just made me think that in his long sleep, perhaps he is right now touring the Universe...

Let's hope for a miracle, not just to keep hearing his good music, but more basic than that, for his health and family. Fuerza Gustavo!
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