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Kunstler: The Surrealist Vista

Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:14 am

As always, the contemporary madman of prose (who does often toe the Hunter S. Thompson line a bit too well at times, though in a more refined manner) delivers something worthy of thought, whether or not he's completely loony or totally on the money. Not that I know myself. But in any case...fatalist thought-provoker of the day:

In any event, meanwhile, property transfers will cease and the money bound up in them will not circulate, and interest not paid and - well, it's a chain of consequence leading to banks not functioning, businesses going down, people not getting paid, goods not being shipped, and something like a long emergency getting underway. The outcome is not any different from the anarchy option, except you must remember that a lot of the things that end up broken will never be put back together again.

This is therefore what the late, great Eudora Welty might have called... a still moment - the boundless interval of grave recognition that something momentous is occurring. Where we stand is something like the doorway of a surrealist painting leading to a blue sky dotted with puffy little clouds - which is deceptively reassuring, until you realize that the solid earth is nowhere in sight. The truth is, nobody has a clue what happens next, most particularly the folks in charge of things.

In reference to the impending disaster that is the great unknown of what's on the books at the nation's banks and what isn't, we'd better all hope Mr. Kunstler is wrong.
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