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Steve Kroft Interviews President Obama 60 Minutes

Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:05 am

Tonite 60 minutes reporter Steve Kroft inteviewed the President of the United States. While accepting responsibility for what has occured on his watch a couple of statements caught my attention. He said he was looking forward to sitting down to discuss common ground with the new GOP leadership in the House. But after that when the problem of extending the tax cuts was brought up he again reiterated his position that extending the cuts would mean borrowing 700 billion over the next ten years. He also stated that he was looking forward to finding ways to cut the deficit. Here's where I started hearing the same old President Obama. He says he wants to cut the deficit but evidently he can't think of a single way to cut a simple 70 billion from a budget of 2.3 trillion dollars (projected 2010). I say 70 billion because 700 billion divided by 10 is exactly that, 70 billion a year. When asked by Kroft about the GOP's proposal to roll back discretionary spending to 2008 levels he was also non-committal. 2010 discretionary spending was 1.32 trillion dollars. 2008 discretionary spending was 1.017 trillion dollars. A difference of 30.3 billion dollars. That's almost half way to the 70 billion to pay for the tax cuts. If the President is serious about cutting spending he didn't offer a single idea nor seem agreeable to any compromise with the GOP leadership ideas.


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RE: Steve Kroft Interviews President Obama 60 Minutes

Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:47 am

I guess that calls for Bi-Partisan action from both sides. Seeing how the Republicans control the House, and the Democrats control the Senate, we have a standoff. Last I knew one does not pass legislation into law without the other. Thank goodness for that. According to Mitch McConnell, the movement is to be all to the right, somehow I do not see how that is something he can force. He is still the Minority Leader, much to his chagrin.
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